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: 06th Sep 2022         : Lovetto Nazareth

Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Ads for Your Business

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I’ll start off by outlining what Facebook advertising are for those who are unfamiliar. They have been seen by everyone who has ever used Facebook. You encounter paid messages from businesses in addition to the ones on your timeline. Facebook advertisements offer a variety of advantages that assist businesses in raising brand awareness among the target market. The goal, target audience, spending limit, and content of the Facebook advertising are all customizable by the company. The ad can then be created, managed, and optimized with Facebook's assistance.

I've discovered that many business owners resist when we suggest Facebook advertising. Especially now that Facebook seems to be giving messages posted by pages less reach recently. Some business owners claim that their page receives less attention because Facebook wants you to make purchases.

You will undoubtedly make your money back with a well-written Facebook advertisement! And we have justifications for why and how the advantages of using Facebook ads might ensure that, after reading this post, you can set aside some of your opposition and still begin using Facebook ads!

Advantages of Facebook Ads for Businesses


Affordable is, of course, a relative term. What constitutes a quick decision on a minor investment for one person and a night's sleep before making the same decision for another? But do you know how much it costs to place an ad in a newspaper or magazine? Do you also know how much it would cost to display your product at different bus shelters across the city?

These expenses, I can guarantee you, are a great deal bigger than the typical Facebook advertisement. Additionally, the cost of my typical Facebook ads is far higher than that of advertising on other media platforms like LinkedIn and Google Adwords. I'm sure I would have lost twice if I had also used a Google ad that had already been posted on Facebook! But when I say cheap, I don't just mean that advertising is inexpensive. When I use the word inexpensive, I mean that you can still get good outcomes.

Results are Evident Right Away.

This serves as a good transition to the second justification for using Facebook for advertising. The advertisement's outcomes are very plain to see! Once the advertisement has begun, you can immediately check how it is performing. Of course not right away—you need to give the advertisement time to start working before doing so. After two hours, it is too early to tell if an advertisement is functioning properly.

Perfectly Crafted Target Audiences

When it comes to Facebook advertising, the thing that truly excites me is creating your target demographic. Facebook offers a limitless number of opportunities. You have a wide range of alternatives when choosing the target market for your advertisement, and these are expertly handled by professionals in the Facebook marketing services industry.

5 Facebook Ad Facts You didn't know about infographic

Your Target Audience Can be Assembled Based on a Variety of Factors:


You may build the audience based on the demographics, as seen in the image below. I don't only mean a person's age and location when I say this. You can make your choice based on the education people have received or the language they speak.


How lovely would it be if you could target a particular specific occupation with the advertisement? Very great, especially if your ideal client is limited to a particular profession.

Show Advertisements to Your Current Customers

You are mistaken if you believe that after someone has purchased anything from you, they will return to do so. This only applies to really devoted consumers. You must also provide a product that customers can repurchase. Even after you have clients, Facebook marketing continues. Additionally, the information you create may be highly pertinent to your existing clientele. or for those who have previously subscribed to your website or newsletter. They won't always notice your content or new products, even if you regularly email your warm connections or clients.

Another reason we like Facebook is that you can use it to generate ads that are only displayed to the subscribers to your email list. or to customers who have purchased a specific item.

Retargeting is the process of displaying an advertisement to someone who has already made a purchase. With Facebook, retargeting is possible. Create a target audience based on the subscribers to your newsletter, and if you like, specify the target group to make the ad even more precisely targeted. The target audience will be a smaller group and cost less to advertise with if it is more narrowly focused. The advertisement will then be posted, allowing you to maintain communication with your warm contacts.

Begin Marketing

 I believe the most significant argument I can provide you to start advertising is the last one. You must begin marketing! Facebook is obviously primarily designed for the social network between families and friends, as I mentioned before in this post. People scan through their news summary to view the vacation pictures of their best buddy or to learn that their relative has been asked to marry him or her. Actually, they have zero interest in advertising.

However, you also want your Facebook page to stick out amid these messages. Additionally, I want to nudge you to keep up the good work. There are strategies to help your Facebook postings still reach people despite Facebook's new algorithm.


We hope that this post has persuaded you to start advertising on Facebook. Do not hesitate to contact Prism Digital if you require assistance developing a social media management strategy or producing content for all of your platforms.

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