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Video is fast becoming the preferred way of consuming content on the internet. Studies have found that nearly 84% of consumers have been convinced to make a purchase decision after watching a video and that 81% of businesses with an explainer video on their homepage claimed that the video increased sales. Consumers are demanding video content across all channels and at every stage of their buying journey. Therefore it’s time businesses like yours adopt online video marketing. This is where Prism Digital can help you. We are one of the best video production company in Dubai, that carries out advanced video production as well as editing services for any business/industry.

Video Streaming Is The Next Big Thing If You Don’t Have A Video Strategy Planned Out, You Are A Dinosaur In This Digital Age.

Why is Corporate Video Marketing Important to your Business?

  1. Video boosts conversions and sales.
  2. Video shows great ROI.
  3. The video encourages social shares.
  4. Video content increases landing page conversions by 80%.
  5. On , Facebook and YouTube video content generates more shares than text and images combined.
  6. Video content is highly informative and educative.
  7. Video marketing can explain everything.
  8. Video engages even the laziest buyers.
  9. Search engines such as Google love video content.
  10. Video appeals to mobile users as well as desktop users.
  11. Videos = increase in conversions
  12. Builds engagement amongst your audience.
  13. Grabs attention and attracts customers.
  14. An explainer of the product or service.
  15. It facilitates faster views and conversions.
  16. Video helps showcase your brand.
  17. It makes your website conspicuous and unique from the rest.
  18. Increases revenue and overall profits.
  19. Traffic booster.

Our team is not only skilled in cinematic video production but also hardcore video editing and  capabilities. Check out our services section to know more about what we have in store for your brand.

Our Video Production Process

At Prism Digital, one of the top Video Production Company in Dubai, we follow a systematic process to deliver optimal results to your business. Our content and Video Production team combine all their creative ideas to provide fantastic results.

Strategize And Set Objectives– You can’t move forward without an actionable plan. At Prism Digital, our teams of creative minds come together and craft the best video strategy that will suit your business objectives and match your industry. We strategize a plan of action by creating a blueprint of what our video strategy would look like, video content and campaign planning, and lastly the kind of message to be delivered to your audience. We set attainable objectives and move forward to provide optimal results.

Audience Research And Market Study– As content is dynamic, we need to keep up with the trend in the market in terms of what people like to watch and what’s trending. We are well aware that our video content depicts your brand; therefore, we conduct a thorough research about your brand’s audience base and then move forward to create impressive and highly engaging videos that pay homage to your brand’s ethics and tone of voice yet managing to stay current and slick. 

Conceptualization Of Creative Ideas And Story– We start with a brainstorming session with the client and our creative team to fetch the right type of ideas to develop a creative concept for your brand. Just like a great designer outfit from a high-end store, we tailor-make our videos to match your business objectives and brand profile. Everything, from the visuals to the music, the actors to the location everything is planned out and executed to perfection. This is why so many of our clients come back to us time and time again to get their video content created.

Storyboard– Here’s where the magic happens. All the ideas swirling around in our heads come down on paper. A video without a storyboard is like a house without foundation. Therefore, we jot down the script and the entire visualization in the form of a storyboard and present it to you for your approval.

Video Production And Editing– Finally, all the ideas come to life. The production department handles everything related to filming and producing the video. After that, it’s passed on to the editing department, where our editors edit the video as per your desired requirements. Whether it may be to collate various parts or shrink the video length or add animations and transition, they do it all.

Market And Measure Success– Value is added when our creation is seen. Therefore, as per the marketing objectives, we distribute your video content on social media and other search engines to do justice to the budget you have invested and generate profitable leads for your business. We use a strategic marketing approach and conduct video distribution, video advertising and YouTube optimization to generate guaranteed results. We also constantly monitor the video’s performance and conversions. In a time where there is a glut of videos coming out into the market, we have clients whose videos get millions of views just because the concept was so compelling, and the execution was brilliantly done. This is the touch of Prism Digital.

Our Services

Corporate Profile Videos– We can create an entire portfolio of your brands, your service, and the product offering, etc.  A video about your company in the “About Us” section of your website adds value proposition. A company overview video helps give your audience a clear understanding of the brand and thus helps attract as well as engage the customers.

Brand Promotion Videos – With the help of a fully informative video, we can promote your brand as a whole or your products or services to attract customers and develop qualitative leads.

Informational Or How To / Unboxing Videos– Whether you want to announce a new company merge or change in packaging or want to give your audience some information about your new product or service launch, we got you covered. An informational video is the best option to provide your audiences with factual insights about your brand.

Online Video Production And Post-Production – If you need any graphics created for your existing video or need a complete edit for the videos that you currently have, Prism’s video editing and motion graphic services can help you. We have a state of art video production center and studio. We work with more than 20 different advertising agencies in the UAE alone. To date, we have created over 500 videos that are proudly displayed on our Vimeo.Account.

Social Media Marketing Videos– Want to create a video that viewers can’t stop watching? We got you covered for all your marketing objectives. We produce 15 seconds to 1-minute micro-videos that are highly engaging so as that will help you generate brand awareness for all your social media marketing efforts. Whether it is for Facebook ads , Instagram stories, or Snapchat promotions, feel free to get in touch with us. We take pride in stating that we are managing and working with150 brands every day to create excellent content for their social media. 

Corporate Video Production– Corporate videos are multi-functional as they can be used for different reasons and in different ways. One can make use of a corporate video to inform customers about a new product or service offering. It can also be used to notify employees of an organization. At Prism Digital, we create a list of corporate videos such as training videos, marketing reels, event highlights, testimonials as well as case studies. So if you need a video to impress your customers at an exhibition or a training video to engage with your employees, call us on 04 3827862, and we can change the way your company is perceived in a minute or less.

YouTube Video Production– YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform nowadays. A video posted on YouTube or an ad run on this platform has the potential to reach millions. YouTube ads are currently the best way to advertise your products and services. At Prism Digital, we can help you create YouTube videos that will, in turn, add value to your channel as well as help you create ads in such a manner that the viewers are compelled to watch the advertisement without skipping the ad. Now that is compelling storytelling in under 4 seconds or a minute.

6, 15, 30, 60 SECOND COMMERCIALS– Our team is skilled in creating micro promo videos that at once will attract your customers in seconds. For us, creativity is the key, and each project we undertake is created with perfection. Our video creators are extremely skilled editors, and our digital designers know exactly how to deliver your message in less than 5 seconds, likely the time it takes for you to read this line. Another person would have clicked on your ‘learn more’ link or ‘shop now’ button on your social media ad. This is real advertising.

Motion Graphic Videos– Industries with complex concepts normally resort to motion graphic videos to explain their concepts and create a larger customer base. Our team uses various techniques such as elements in the movement, infographics in motion and a distinctive color palette so as to convey complex concepts in a more understandable and relatable manner.So whether it is a training video or an unboxing video of your next big product, Prism Digital, one of the top corporate Video Production Company in Dubai, can design the best motion graphic videos for your requirements.

3D Product Animation Video– We all have had that moment when we couldn’t take our eyes off a 3D mobile phone commercial. These kinds of videos are mostly created for the automobile as well as the e-commerce industry, thus displaying every aspect and look of the product. 3D videos give a very realistic effect and, thus, are highly engaging.


Here Are Some More of Our Service Offerings

Video Production Agency in Dubai

What Makes Prism Digital The Best Online Video Production Company In Dubai?

  1. 100% in-house service from design and production.
  2. A strong and experienced design team that can communicate in 5 languages, from Arabic and Russian to Hindi, Farsi, and Chinese.
  3. We offer hardcore video editing of 2d and 3d animations in-house. 
  4. We make use of the latest edit studio and have a complete sound and visual effect suite and video library in-house.
  5. We offer in-house VO recording and editing facilities and access to some of the best VO talents in the region.
  6. Dedicated and an exceptionally creative team.
  7. Promise to deliver guaranteed results within the deadline.
  8. The novel approach in creating a video that is highly engaging and memorable.
  9. Best use of marketing efforts to bring guaranteed views and conversions to your business.
Online Video Production Services in Dubai,UAE
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Online Video Production Services in Dubai,UAE
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Prism Digital is an online video production company that provides unique and custom made video advertising campaigns, corporate film production, social media viral videos, YouTube Ads, 2D, and 3D animated videos. Call 043827862 / 0558500095
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