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Growth Hacks For Small And Medium Businesses With Video Marketing.

Video marketing is nothing but a phenomenon wherein marketers harness the power of audiovisual in order to promote their product or services. The ROI of online videos is increasing tremendously and in today’s day and age, nearly 99% of marketers will continue to make use of video in 2020. So if your business has not yet invested in video marketing services then, it time you do.

If video marketing is the future then the future has already begun. If we talk numbers based on research then, nearly 54% of consumers demand video content from a brand. If you feel you are left out since you haven’t started yet then I am sorry to say but your right. It is quite possible that your competitors have hired a digital marketing agency and have already incorporated video marketing as a part of their marketing funnel.

Top 7 Growth Hacks For Small And Medium Businesses By Harnessing The Power Of Video Marketing.

1) About us video- Just as your website has an about us section, create a video so as to tell a story about your business and service offering. The objective is to build a strong connection between your brand and your target audience. Hence, create a video such that it is engaging, tells a story and most importantly it showcases your offerings for your potential as well as for your existing customers.
● Introduce your company.
● Put forth your brands mission statement.
● Showcase your product or services offerings.
● Highlight past customer experiences or testimonials.

2) Product or service demonstration- Who doesn’t like an explainer video about a product or service. Think about this, while deciding to buy a new mobile phone, the first thing you subconsciously do is go online and check out an unboxing video to know more about its features, additionals that come with the product, etc. Hence, if you are a business owner and have products to feature, take this opportunity to create short demo videos regarding your product, its specifications, or even how to use it. Product demonstration video work because people love to see a product in action before they invest their money on it.
● Keep it short and to the point.
● Have an explainer voice over or subtitles.
● Feature the product from all angles and the product needs to SELL!
● Include testimonials from past purchased clients at the end of the video.

3) Tutorial videos- Similar to product demonstration videos create short tutorial videos to teach customers how to make use of your products. Tutorial videos help build credibility and increase overall brand recognition and awareness. Such videos also benefit customer service as your customers do not need to go elsewhere to know more about how your product functions.
● Provide a step-by-step tutorial
● Show how to use the product
● Provide tips to maintain the product for extra durability.
● Answer frequently asked questions by your customers.

4) Customer Testimonials- It’s a psychological fact that you will trust people who have already used or are uring your product or service. Testimonials add a lot of value to your business especially when it comes from people who are outside your company boundary i.e who are not your paid employees or stakeholders. Did you know, 60% of buyers make a purchase decision based on reviews and testimonials. So, that’s how important client testimonials are. Positive reviews are vital for businesses in order to build credibility and gain potential customers.
● Showcase reviews on your website.
● Share what your clients say about your business on social media.
● Post screenshots of positive message your receive.
● Ask existing clients to review your product or services. (written or video)

5) Announcement videos- If you are a business owner in today’s day and age, it is extremely important that you stay active on social media. Creating a few short and highly engaging announcement videos can help increase engagement and strength your connection between you and your customers. You can create announcement videos from new product launches to an upcoming special event etc. The goal is to keep the video creative, eye-catchy, and entertaining but at the same time also generate hype. What better than a creative suspense video to create that much need hype for your new product or service launch.
● Announce for new launches or updates.
● Upcoming events or webinars
● Team expansion or birthday
● Holiday and festive greetings
● Special rebates or discount season offers.

6) Question and answer session- Videos are by far the most engaging platform ton choose from. What better than a video to address your customer’s queries and concerns. To personalize this step even further, you can set up live sessions with your audience wherein they ask you questions and you spontaneously respond to them. This is one of the best ways to interact with your audience and get to know their likes and dislikes from a little closer. Most of the best video marketing agencies focus on creating such types of videos for their clients and this gives business owners a lot of brand exposure and helps generate new leads.
● Address questions and queries asked on social media.
● Address frequently asked comments.
● Ask clients to send questions and address them in a video.
● Do a monthly catch-up or follow up with your existing clients.

7) Behind the scenes videos- As a business owner, fostering connecting and boosting engagement with your audience is extremely important and what better way to do so than posting behind the scenes of your business. As your customers do not know what is going on in your business, giving them a little sneak peek of the backstage working process instills the feeling of belongingness and harnesses interactions.
● Introduce your employees to your target audience.
● Show celebrations or special events taking place.
● Team outing activities.
● A day in your life.


Since 87% of marketers make use of video as one of the most important marketing tools for the growth of their business offerings. If we talk about social media alone then, Youtube is one such platform wherein nearly 2 billion users spend nearly 400 hours each watching videos online. If video marketing strategies are applied correctly, it is sure to spruce up your business growth.

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