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All Your Customers Are Here… Why Aren’t You?

The success of any business today is measured in terms of likes, shares, comments, followers, and retweets. Social media has an immense impact on the ROI of any business. Social media platforms provide great lead generation options for advertising as social media is used by the majority of the population. The most popular platforms to provide an enhanced user interface and connectivity are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, as well as YouTube. Not only social media has changed the way people interact with each other, but it has also changed the traditional way of marketing and doing business.

Drive Customers, Grow Your Audience And Expand Your Reach

Social Media Marketing is all about creating conversations with your target audience on social media platforms. One can do so by creating conversations with the help of creative and innovative posts, stunning photography, catchy 30 seconds and 60-second videos, original GIFS, and graphics that “POP” and entice the user to hit like or keep watching.

Prism Digital, a digital marketing management, Facebook marketing, and one of the best advertisement agencies in Dubai, engage with your customers on social media platforms by creating conversations that not only engage your customers but also drive them to share your content with their friends and family on various platforms. This ensures that your brand message goes viral and is seen by millions of your customers purely via social media.


Social Media Marketing Has A Positive Impact On Your Business.

Effect on brand awareness– Social media serves as a platform to engage as well as capture the attention of your audience through creative and visually appealing posts, social media campaigns, and promotions.

Effect on brand awarenessDigital marketing has a vast potential to become a great source of the traffic to your website if managed properly, as nearly 2.77 billion people are on social media.

Effect on sales– Social media offers an opportunity for brands to increase conversions by interacting with potential clients.

Effect on brand loyalty– 66 % of users are loyal to brands they follow on digital platforms. Staying connected with customers via social media helps create a fan base of loyal customers who, in turn, will prove to be brand ambassadors for your brand.

Effect on customer service– Social media has changed the methods of customer service. Customers today, prefer a quick solution to their queries and complaints on social media itself.

Gain Control. Gain Conversions

Our Social Media Marketing Targeting Process

At Prism Digital, with our paid social media advertising campaigns, you can reach your audience and filter them so as to match your business objectives. For all our clients, we follow this targeting process to gain control as well as conversions over our marketing efforts. Here’s a sneak peek of how we do it!


  1. Target audience by age.
  2. Target audiences by gender.
  3. Segregate users by their geographic location.
  4. Find customers by income level.


  1. Users who visited your website or page.
  2. Advertise to users based on their past purchases.
  3. Target users based on the device they are using.
  4. Targeting based on a user’s connection to your business.


  1. Locate people based on their activities.
  2. Find users with particular skills they possess.


  1. Target a known group of people.
  2. Reach new audiences similar to the ones your customers care about.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

To stand out in the market, we believe in the policy of social first, search second. Prism Digital, being an Instagram influencer marketing agency and also, one of the top Social Media agency in Dubai, helps brands design experiences that connect through the most powerful social media platforms.  Here’s an insight into our Social Media Marketing services.

  1. Paid and organic followers per month.
  2. Multi-platform advertising and lead generation.
  3. Professional copywriting in English and Arabic up to 30 posts per month.
  4. Multi-platform engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  5. Professionally shot and styled videos as well as food photography.
  6. User reviews on Zomato, Foodonclick, UberEats, Talabat, and other channels.
  7. Social media influencer and blogger reviews and management.
  8. Complete engagement with your followers via chats and responses on all channels.
  9. Blogger meets and greets.
  10. Live restaurant launches.


Why Do You Need US!

  1. Your customers are on social media.
  2. Great utilization of marketing budget.
  3. Development of a Social Media Marketing strategy.
  4. Staying at the top of trends and changes in the industry.
  5. Consistency in posting content on social media handles.
  6. Engaging with businesses and influencers.
  7. Reputation management.
  8. Creating social media advertising campaigns.
  9. Reporting and data.
  10. Tracking performance over time.
Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai,UAE
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Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai,UAE
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