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SEO practices

How to Get a Video Ranked on Google and YouTube?

Let’s begin with what is SEO means in the advertising industry!

The complete process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of the website/ web page to the users on a search engine is what SEO

is all about! SEO is one of the most vital parts of digital marketing.

Billions of users conduct an online search each day and that is why it is important for your business to be there online when they search for similar, relevant products. Once your online visibility is prominent, you are likely to receive specific, high- end traffic.

Today, people directly put up queries and search for things like “I want to buy a car” indicating that they intend to buy something you offer. This calls for opportunities to connect with such folks and help answer their questions, solve their problems, and become a trusted resource for them.

Google is the number 1 player in the search results that your brand or business would want to show up in, but with the help of some good practices, you can position your site to rank in other websites as well.

How to get the Google algorithm, ‘crawlers’ to get valuable traffic to your website?

Google is looking for pages with quality content that are relevant to the user’s searches.Google determines quality by various means, also known as ‘Search Engine Ranking Factors’.


  • Content- Use correct and relevant keywords, write as much as possible about your product. Ensure your content is extremely unique, comprehensive and to the point.
  • Back-linking Factors– Back linking factors involve links connecting to different relevant pages. Google then will go ahead and check if those pages are genuine and trustworthy.
  • Mobile Responsive– If your website is not mobile-friendly, Google will not allow you to be on their first page of its search result page. Make sure your website is user- friendly on all devices.
  • Technical Factors– This involves a combination of various factors like the domain name as the keyword, length of the domain, keywords in H1 tag, keywords in the description tag, URL path, etc. Make sure you use relevant and unique content for your website and all social media pages.

A very important algorithm was founded by one of Google’s founders, Larry Page; the ‘Page Ranking Algorithm’. This algorithm measures the importance and value of your page by counting the number of quality links found on your page and also off it. It carries out a complete study of the back-linking of your website. Back-linking is considered gold and mainly helps in determining your website’s worth.

Back-linking works both ways.  If you link to a website, it increases the website’s value; the same happens when the opposite website links to yours, too. The more links you have, the more value your website holds according to the Google algorithm. Generally, getting permission for one website to link to another authoritative website is very difficult. Once you get that, Google knows how good your content and business is. Times of India is one such example.

SEO Infographics

What not to do?
All major SEO companies follow the guidelines laid down by Google regarding the ethical and unethical practices.
Google finds the following practices unethical:

  • Hidden or white-colored text-Google does not see colors, hence if there is white font on a white background or hidden text in images, google shall consider it unethical.
  • Automated queries-In case a website enables automated replies to queries without Google’s permission, it is considered unethical.
  • Cloaking- If the content given to the search engine is indirect and not apparent for the target audience, it is considered unethical.
  • Keyword stuffing- Stuffing the website with too many keywords is unethical.
  • Duplicated content and plagiarism- It is a punishable offense to duplicate or copy content for your website.
  • Exploiting security- Google resents websites that install a virus on your device as soon as you open them.
  • Creating false doorways- It is considered unethical to direct users to dummy websites that have lame content/ no content at all.

Besides keeping the above in mind, make sure you execute the following in detail-

  • SEO keyword research
  • Use best keyword targeting practices
  • On-page optimization (Title tags, meta descriptions, body content, Alt attributes, URL structure)Prism Digital, an SEO agency in Dubai, provides 360-degree digital solutions across the whole of the UAE.
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