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Content Creation + Technical Content writing + Visual Design + Graphic designing + Corporate brochure Design + brochure Layout + Corporate brochure Printing + Website design + Web development.

Velosi is a group focused on vendor inspection, third party inspection, certification, testing, and manpower services for the oil and gas industries.Velosi is a leading Asset Integrity, HSE, and engineering services provider to leading oil and gas companies worldwide with 36 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.VelosiGroup was founded in 1982 in Malaysia to provide asset integrity, quality assurance, quality control, and a variety of other engineering services to leading oil and gas companies worldwide. They operate globally from five regional headquarters in the USA, UK, South Africa, UAE, and Malaysia. Applus+ Velosi has 70 offices in 50 countries worldwide

Prism Digital was hired by Velosi to create a corporate brochure for the company which would reflect their international status and showcases all their clients and services for their global clients. They wanted an interactive advertisement that said it all. They also demanded our brochure printing services post the creation.

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  • Content Creation + Technical Content writing +Visual Design + Graphic designing + Corporate brochure Design + Brochure Layout + Corporate brochure Printing + Website design + Web development

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Our Services towards this Project
  1. Content Creation and Technical 
  2. Content writing
  3. Visual Design and Imaging 
  4. Corporate Brochure Design and Layout
  5. Corporate Brochure Printing
  6. Website design 
  7. Web development

Our web development team first came up with several design templates to choose from for their website. Our ultimate goal while developing their website was not only to keep it simple but also to pay attention to details from an SEO prospective to help Velosi rank number one in the UAE.  Prism Digital created the core content for the website. The content for the website was written in such a manner so as to fulfil SEO guidelines.  Our team paid great attention to detail. Even the images we put on the site was optimized as per SEO guidelines. We then finalized the look and feel of the website and went ahead to develop their brochure. 

Prism Digital also created several design layouts of the corporate brochure. We wanted the brochure and the website both to complement each other; therefore, our graphic designing team kept the website color scheme in mind while designing the brochure. The brochure was a total of 48 pages with purchased shutter stock images used in it. The total number of pages of the brochure was 48 pages, and Prism Digitalmanaged to deliver it in a record time of just one week.

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``Prism Digital designed and created our corporate profile precisely the way we envisioned it. We wanted a look and feel that was international and modern, and the fantastic team at Prism Digital even worked late nights and weekends to produce the Brochure. They also went out of their way to print the brochure in a record two days-time and deliver it to us at the airport as we were flying out of Abu Dhabi for the exhibition. We knew about their reputation for creative excellence, but when we finally worked with them, we realized why they have such a good reputation. I would thoroughly recommend them to all our clients and partners to work with. I have never worked with a more creative and professional agency.``

Designation – Business Development Manager
Business Development Department – Velosi Asset Integrity Services

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