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One Stop International

Corporate Identity Design + Website Redesign and Development + Branding + Lead generation + SEO Services.

One-Stop International is one of the leading companies set up experts and PRO Companies in Dubai. They have been in the business for the last 25 years and work with hundreds of clients from blue-chip corporates to SMEs and general trading companies. They specialize in all business and licensing services from the company set up to Visa processing and services.  

We were selected by One Stop International to recreate their existing website and build their corporate identity. Right from the logo design to their entre corporate branding and advertisement was looked upon by us. Their requirements were for a total revamp to their existing essential website for a relaunch. The corporate brand building was another requirement that was needed by them. They also required a client portal extension on the site to allow their affiliates and clients to integrate services and track critical actions they took, e.g., online bookings.

  • One Stop International

  • Government Relations and PRO Business center services

  • Logo Design + Website Design and Development + Branding Design

  • www.onestopdubai.com
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Our Services towards this Project
  1. Brand Redesign,
  2. Logo Design, 
  3. Website Redesign and development, 
  4. Corporate identity and stationery design, 
  5. Lead Generation, 
  6. Search Engine Marketing
  7. Search Engine Optimization,
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Corporate Branding and Advertisement
  10. Corporate video production,
  11. Corporate client portal.

Prism Digital created over ten different Logo directions, which enabled the management to get an idea of what exactly they like. Once the logo direction was finalized, our UI and UX teams started to integrate and reconstruct their existing website into a fully functional and efficient one. We started designing their UI and UX keeping the customer experience in mind, especially since it was the first time anybody was creating a client portal like the one we were creating for them. Every content element, image, background, and tile was placed strategically to help us convey the clients’ brand values. Our main challenge was to design and incorporate the client portal extension that was not only user-friendly but also fast to not affect the website’s overall page load time. The website we recreated was SEO friendly, thus helping One Stop International rank 1st on search engine result pages (Google). We produced a corporate film for them in 4 languages and shot over 50 FAQ and explainer videos in 4 different languages, English Arabic Russian and Chinese answering some key FAQ questions to be launched on Youtube and Social Media. Once we designed their corporate id, and the website was live, we undertook a massive launch campaign including entire corporate anybody and conducted a lead generation campaign to attract potential and profitable clients for them. We also run Google display + Search Ads as well as social media ads on various social media platforms. We also manage their Search Engine Optimization SEO campaign for them to get them ranked on the first page of Google.

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``After hosting and developing our website with Prism Digital, not only have our leads increased drastically, but also our site is extremely user-friendly and is a perfect match for all our business objectives. We love the brand identity of the company they have created for us. Our website has never looked better since the last 25 years of the company’s existence, and we have a fantastic team from Prism Digital to thank.“

Mr. Nizar Zeidan
One Stop International

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