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Logo Design of New brand + Packaging Design + Brand Manual + Brand Advertising

MIZ is a leading FMCG company based in Dubai, UAE. Prism Digital was hired to create the logo design and the entire brand visuals starting from the visual positioning to branding from the logo for a new brand of fresh fruit drinks created by Jabal Al Khaleej Group.

Based on Miz’s offerings, they demanded to come up with an entirely new logo design for their unique brand launch. They also wanted Prism Digital to offer them product packaging services and well as develop and manage their advertising campaign for brand awareness.  Our biggest challenge with Miz’s branding was to communicate the goodness of the product and its characteristics without making the packaging look boring and predictable.  Being a highly competitive market ruled by a few, we were sure that the packaging needed to stand out on shelves and grab attention.

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  • Logo Design of New brand + Packaging Design + Brand Manual + Brand Advertising +Branding

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  1. Logo Designing
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  3. Brand Manual
  4. Brand Advertising
  5. Complete Branding

Prism Digital started the process by embarking on a month-long brand competition survey and market study for six countries in the GCC region. Based on the results of the study, Prism Digital created the core visuals of the brand, starting with the brand environment, the core branding messaging, and the brand positioning statements. Based on the client’s approval of those, we created the brand logo with about ten different options. Aftermarket testing these various possible options, we honed in on three viable options that we refined further. Based on the management choice of the final options, we selected them and created the product packaging and product marketing and advertising collaterals.

The entire process took a couple of weeks, but in the end. With limited space to play with, we were able to achieve a precise and bold branding, with the USP of the brand cleverly highlighted. The branding was not only eye-catching, but it also speaks to the customer, invoking a feeling of trust to make them reach out to the product.

We created a world-class packaging design which was highly appreciated by all in the market. Mizis currently selling over 1000 containers every month across the GCC.

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``Prism created our entire brand identity for all our brand and we have been working with them for the last 10 years. Lovetto and his team have been providing us with excellent service and they are very prompt and regular when it comes to managing our business. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. We are happy to be a part of the celebration. Thank you for all your efforts in the last 12 years.``

Abou Mahamoud Massoud
CEO and Founder

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