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With decades of technical expertise and a deep understanding of the Middle East and African region, we are a trusted bearing manufacturer and one of MEA’s leading distributors of aftermarket products from leading brands  Thanks to our multilingual workforce, industry experts, and in-house engineers, our company today has cemented itself not just as a strong partner but most importantly, as a catalyst for change as we embrace Industry 4.0 through digitalization in order to provide world class customer service and experience in the world of bearings. MCB partnered with Prism Digital in order to create a stunning corporate presentation for the company. The main challenge was the time constraints in terms of completion and delivery of the project. The needed the entire project delivered in under a weeks’ time and that was just not negotiable.

  • Mineral Circles Bearings.

  • Manufacturing Company.

  • Corporate Presentation + Flash PowerPoint Presentation + Video Design.

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Mineral circles bearing asked Prism Digital to create a corporate presentation in under a week for their annual dealer’s conference. Not only did we create an amazing corporate presentation for them, we also helped them with their rebranding exercise, and designed their packaging as well.Dealers from over 20 countries appreciated their new brand identity and the new packaging designs that we created for them.

``Thank you Prism Digital for a fantastic Job done for our brand design, packaging design and a special thank you to The Prism Team and their amazing customer centric work ethic for working through weekends to get the job done in time and with perfection. Especially since we just has 15 days before we launch the new identity. Your branding design options and your presentation were loved by each and every distributor in the room. We have given your reference if they want to do any kind of branding design, or marketing activity. Best of luck for the future Prism Digital, Keep on “making awesome happens”

Managing Director

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