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Mobile UI/UX Design Services For Landscape Structures Inc.

Landscape Structures Inc.

UI/ UX + Web Design + Website Design and Development.

Since 1971, Landscape Structures Inc. (LSI) has been committed to enhancing children’s lives by fostering and creating inspiring play experiences all while honoring Mother Nature. LSI creates innovative playground equipment that helps children grow healthy bodies and minds, which in turn ensures their future remains bright. LSI is a leader in inclusive and sensory play and encourages children of all ability levels to participate and promote their development. Since we have been working with the Bin Hendi Group for such a long time, they invited us to pitch for the project as well.

  • Landscape Structures, Inc.

  • Sporting and Playground Infrastructure.

  • Art direction + User experience mapping + UI/UX design + Website and Mobile app design + Website and Mobile app development + Integration with Bespoke Client Database + Integration with Google Services & Maps.

  • http://www.binhendi.com/
Landscape Logo Design
Our Services towards this Project
  1. Art Direction
  2. User Experience Mapping
  3. UI UX Design
  4. Website and Mobile app Design
  5. Website and Mobile App Development
  6. Integration with Bespoke Client Database
  7. Integration with Google Services & Maps 

Prism did extensive research into what the Client’s website requirements were and based on those findings. We designed a website that communicated the strength and vigor of the brand as well as highlighted the various parks, game shows, etc. created and managed by LSI Projects.The critical elements of the BinHendi brand were also incorporated into the website showing it to be a Bin Hendi Group Company. The website was highly engaging and had a quick loading speed of nearly 0.3 seconds of load time. We achieved this by compressing all the images so as to decrease the load time on the website. Our design and development team created a highly engaging and responsive website for Landscape Structures.

“The design presented by Prism really connected with the brand owners as they wanted a very modern and responsive website. This is why we chose Prism to design and develop the website in its entirety. we are looking forward to receiving the final product.”

Ms. Amna Bin Hendi

Landing Page Design Services
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