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Al Sehha is a brand of edible oils, owned by  AMG Holdings. Prism created an entire suite of corporate collateral for them including Logo design, Packaging design, Brochure design, Website and micro site design, Advertising campaigns and OOH campaigns for the brand.

Al Sehha chose to work with Prism Digital to meet their various digital business objectives. Prism Digital strategized and ran various digital marketing campaigns on search and social media platforms, keeping in mind their business needs. We also launched a highly responsive website for their brand and designed a logo that spoke volumes to their desired target audience.

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Al Sehha demanded a simple yet complex website wireframe. Our design and development team manifested their requirements onto the website, and the outcome exceeded all their expectations. Our work did not end there; we also designed a logo that directly complemented their branding objectives. We designed almost 50 logo samples for them to choose from. Our team worked hand in hand and delivered this project with utmost customer satisfaction.

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``Prism is the best advertising agency in Dubai if anybody tells you else wise refer them to me !! Thank you lovetto for all your hard work towards the branding, and the website. We look forward to building all our brands with you and Prism.``

Mohamed Zulfikar

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