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: 30th Jul 2022         : Lovetto Nazareth

8 Tips for Selecting A Video Production Company in Dubai

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Everything from client relationship building to advertising your brand, services, or products can be done with video marketing. Additionally, video marketing can be used as a platform to distribute viral (entertaining) content, advertise customer testimonials, present how-to’s, and live-stream events.

More and more companies are using video as a primary marketing technique as a result of convincing evidence that it is effective. No matter how unique you may think your content is, this makes it a little harder for it to stand out from the crowd.

What is the secret to standing out from a crowd?  Choosing the best video production company to work with.

Tips for Selecting A Video Production Company

Not every company will have the funds available or the need for an internal full-time video production crew. Instead, you might hire a third party with experience in content creation and filming to assist.

The success of your content depends on choosing the correct producer, whether you would like a brand movie or a promotional video for a new product. Take your time and find the best team to work on your video marketing content.

Let's jump straight into the tips for selecting the right video production company.

Create a content brief with specific goals.

Finding the right company to produce your content is one of the most important tasks. The summary includes goals, details about your company and target market, and any essential statements you wish to make clear.

You'll discover that creating the brief itself will help you to focus. You can start your search with a clear understanding of what you need as a production agency. A head start on the brief might speed up the initial discussions and help you save valuable time when doing your search.

Keep in mind that the brief differs from a script or storyboard. A brief is merely a concise description, in contrast to a script and storyboard, which specify the precise visuals you wish to use.

Determine Your Project Budget

It may seem simple but you'd be astonished at how many clients enter into conversations before having any concept of the project's budget. Get rough estimates from at least three different video production businesses to get a sense of market prices if you're unclear about the kind of budget you should establish.

There are a variety of expenses to take into account depending on whether you want live-action or animated content. Live-action productions demand a huge amount of hiring fees, but the animation isn't always less expensive. A budget can help the video production company you want to deal with understand what they can accomplish for you depending on your stated budget.

Make a list of businesses to contact.

There are three primary ways you can approach your search:

Ask other companies and marketers for recommendations. Get a video production company recommendation from a reliable source. You can feel a little more confident in their dependability if someone you know has previously dealt with them.

Verify the  social media channels of competing brands for quality videos. Find videos from some of the companies you admire. It's not necessary for it to be rival companies or even video content aimed at the same demographic. You can come across something for a completely unrelated market that impresses you stylistically and conveys a message loudly and convincingly.

Run a quick search on Google. Simply search for video production in a specific city and start watching some showreels if you're looking for local video production or local animation studio. For the following phase, select three to five of your favorites.

Dig further than the showreel.

You should keep in mind both the creativity and the outcome of the video. There are many instances of professionally generated content that failed to enhance conversion rates or drive any traffic.

In the end, you want a team that can create a video to achieve your corporate goals. To get a sense of what they can provide, look at the types of businesses and niches they have experience in. These videos are also available on social media; check out how popular they are there to see how many people have liked, shared, and commented on them. These are all great measures of audience participation that demonstrate how successfully these films connected with viewers and turned them into paying clients.

This will also help you decide where to advertise your finished film. You may maximize brand visibility by thinking about the age range of your target audience. If no one watches your carefully produced video, it serves no use.

Conduct an in-depth conversation

Discuss your project brief in greater depth with the top two or three candidates once you've reduced the field to that number.

Organize a face-to-face encounter if it’s possible. Determine whether your team and their team are a good fit. Remember that finding the best video production company shouldn't depend just on talent and creativity. Also, take into account culture and personality. Since you'll be collaborating closely, you want to ensure that everyone is a good fit.

Do your homework in advance to determine your preferences for and objections to this specific video production company. You can use previous videos they've produced to communicate your goals or to raise any issues. Any concerns you may have will be addressed once you fully understand their video creation procedure.

Make a list of inquiries in preparation for the first meeting.

The following topics should be covered at the meeting:

Which services do they provide internally and which do they contract out? Is scriptwriting part of it? Do they have voiceovers available? Make sure your criteria are crystal clear so that you can determine whether they can supply what you need.

  • How is the project going to be run?
  • Will they offer revisions if any are necessary?
  • What recommendations do they have, based on their knowledge and experience, to make your project successful?

You may determine which team is actually willing (and genuinely interested) to comprehend the needs of your company and your audience by having a more in-depth dialogue with them. A producer must be motivated to learn more about the brief in order to create a video that appeals to your target audience.

There are companies that create videos that analyze competitors, conduct audience research, and review existing content. This analysis gives you a comprehensive picture of how well your content is connecting with and engaging your target audience. You can then improve your content marketing plan for upcoming textual and video marketing content.

Set Clear Timeframes

We wouldn't advise beginning a new project with an external agency too soon before a crucial deadline like a product launch. To ensure that there is enough time for any necessary revisions, build in some extra flexibility. The last thing you want is to produce content that is obviously hurried and uploaded before it is great.

Planning is everything. Making sure that everyone involved properly understands the goals of your video and the graphics you want to use should take up the majority of your production time. To ensure you don't forget anything off your list, don't rush any decisions that are important.

Request a proposal in addition to the price.

After meeting with a few video production businesses and discussing your needs, request that they offer you a proposal along with a quotation. This has to have a timeline and a summary of the quote.

You can quickly tell which company has understood your vision and what you're after by comparing the proposals. The cost will also play a role in who you choose to hire. Although always keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Finally, a more interesting video that effectively communicates your idea will yield a higher return on investment.

In conclusion, we hope that the strategies above will aid in directing your search for the best video production firm, producing outstanding material that you and your audience will adore. Reach out to Prism Digital if you're looking for a reputable video marketing company in Dubai and let's develop winning videos for your campaign, no matter what it is.

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