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Facebook Ads Targeting

: 18th Feb 2021         : Lovetto Nazareth

Refining Your Facebook Audience for Better Ad Targeting

An increasing number of people are using Facebook ads to reach potential clients but only a few actually know how to do it. The key is to select the right audience for your Facebook ads so that your work gets done, your ROIs improve, and that too within reasonable cost.
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Nowadays, Facebook is considered as the primary platform for getting started with an online business and increasing reach online. There are over six million businesses that are using Facebook ads to get their message across but unfortunately only a few know how to use this opportunity correctly and how to make it work for them.
Because without the right audience, the businesses never meet their target ROI leaving everyone unfulfilled.

Why is Targeting the Right Audience So Important?

Every business has a particular budget set for its promotion. It is really important to spend this money strategically to get the best outcomes. Ever since Facebook came along, it has become the center point for all types of businesses.
Think about it, when was the last time you searched for a particular company or business on Facebook and figured that they don’t have a Facebook account? Probably a long time ago. Because today, even home-based businesses with a very limited budget for promotion use this platform for their marketing purposes. The key, however, is to target the right audience at the right time with the right expectations so that you get potential customers and a good ROI in the end. Social Media Agencies stress on the point that the key to a successful social media campaigns is selecting the right audience.
Once you target the perfect audience for your brand, it dramatically lowers your Facebook ad cost because that way, you will have to spend less on advertising and that too while reaching relevant people and driving greater ROI.
Now that we know why it is important to optimize Facebook ads, let’s jump right into it.

➣ How Does the Sequencing Work?

Ad sequence is a strategy, the ads are presented in a sequence and the messages are shown to people in a specific order. Generally, it is a three-stage ad process. According to this phenomenon, the audience will see your ads in a pre-defined way.
The first ad is normally an introductory or a warmup ad. This ad mainly focuses on attracting the right people without asking them to do anything. It is designed to boost engagement and set a platform for the next ad.
Now your second ad can be a lead generation ad. For those who don't know, a lead generation ad is designed to gather personal information about the potential clients or the target audience.This ad will target the people who showed interest in your business and interacted with your first ad.
In the third ad, you basically retarget the ones who interacted with your second ad and have already provided you with their contact information. It specifically targets the people who have interacted with your second ad but haven’t visited your landing page yet.
It is really important to understand tactics like ad sequencing to help you reach the right audience and it is crucial to understand how timing, and aligning your messages go hand in hand while running an advertising campaign on social media platforms.

Facebook AD Audiance Infographics

How do Social Media Agencies Target the Perfect Facebook Audience?

One thing you need to understand before getting into the details of the process is that targeting the right audience is important. One might think the higher the reach, the better the results. However, this is not always the case.
When you try to target everyone, you end up targeting no one. This is not only a waste of time and money but also a waste of opportunity which, if used right, could have made a huge difference to your business.
Here are some of the ways to help you interact with a better and goal-oriented audience for your business.

1. Create Your Goal

It is really important to be clear about what your goal is. Before getting started with anything, ask yourself questions so that you are clear of your objectives, what do you want from people and what people want from you, and what actions need to be taken to achieve your goals.
You might be thinking, what is your ad objective? Your ad objective is what you want people to do when they click on your ad. It is common information that if you want to increase your web traffic, your ad should be persuading enough to lead the viewer to your website.
Let’s talk about your advertising goal. There are three main categories among which your goals might fall.

➣ Awareness

Suppose you have started a new business. Your main goal will be to create interest in your product or services. It is called the top of the marketing funnel. You introduce your business to the community to drive brand awareness.
The main purpose of this type of ad is going to be the introduction of your business to the interested potential audience.

➣ Consideration

This stage follows the awareness phase. Now that people know about your business, you want people to reach out to you to seek information about your product or the offered services. These types of ads encourage people to visit your site to learn more about how your business works.

➣ Conversions

The goal of the ad campaign at this stage is to encourage people to buy your product or sign up for your services.Your campaign goals keep changing as your business grows. When you have started a new business, your main goal is to spread awareness so that more and more people know about your business.
Now when some time has passed and your business is working just fine and you want to acquire new customers, you are going to need an ad campaign that suits your needs for that time. The main point here is that as time passes, your campaign aims and goals change and when they do, it is important to review your ad campaign and adjust it in such a way that it suits your current objectives.

2. Crafting the Facebook Ad Audience

Your current advertisement budget plays a very important role in deciding the reach of your ad. Your goal should not be to reach all the 2.7 billion active users. The main purpose of crafting your ad audience is to clearly define the groups of potential customers and clients.
The idea is to narrow your target audience by pinpointing potential clients. While deciding the size of your Facebook ad, the most important factor that you should be considering is your budget.

➣ Rule of Seven:

This rule suggests that your ideal customer needs to see or hear your message around seven times before they decide to do business with you. This means your content needs to be served to them at least seven times.
Now, while deciding your Facebook audience, keep in mind the rule of seven and the amount of money you are willing to spend on the promotion. When you target the right people and align your messages accordingly, it becomes easier to decrease the wasted ad spend.

➣ How to Create a Super-targeted Audience?

A variety of ad placements and demographic options are offered by Facebook which allows you to overlap demographics and interests to create a super targeted audience. Facebook gives you several targeting options to deliver content to specific, interest-based segments.
Also, try hyper-targeting to turn your potential audience into hot leads. Whatever way you use, focus on your target audience because once you have a potential audience, ads don’t matter that much.

3. Creating Content

Once you have crafted a potential audience for your Facebook posts, it is time to create content to inspire those carefully targeted people. As a content creator, you need to personalize your message to the buyer’s context, or you can mention the stage where they are in the buyer’s journey.

➣ What is The Buyer's Journey?

It is the process one goes through before making a purchase. It comprises of three steps: awareness, consideration, and decision

  • The awareness stage is the one where the buyer realizes that he/she has a problem.
  • The next phase is the consideration stage. During this phase, the buyer looks for the solution to the problem.
  • The final phase is the decision stage. This is the stage when the buyer finally chooses a solution. You need to figure out where your prospects are in the buyer's journey to deliver the right message.
  • Here the concept of ad sequencing will help you understand the process. If your prospect is in the awareness stage, you need to create content that addresses his/her problem.
    You can also use video content to engage your audience. But the video should not be too brand-specific and should meet your ideal audience.
    Similarly, if your prospect is in the consideration phase, you can provide them with several solutions to their problem and if the prospect is in the decision stage, you help them decide by providing the pros and cons to every choice they have, etc.

    4. Build a Facebook Custom Audience

    This step helps you further pinpoint your prospects. A Facebook custom audience is basically a group of people who have interacted with your content or have had any kind of experience with your business in the past.

    ➣ How to Create Facebook Custom Audience?

    You can create Facebook Custom Audience based on your existing data like the customer list, website visitors, and the engagements on Facebook. You can also improve your understanding of those audiences through Audience Insights.

    ➣ Who Should Be Included in The Facebook Custom Audience?

    Whoever watches your videos is likely to be interested in your content. Anyone who has watched around 95% of your video is most likely to be a potential prospect to your business. If anyone has watched this much of your content or has visited your website several times is probably doing so for a reason.
    He is not just some random person browsing and moving on. He can be your potential client and the purpose of building a custom audience is to filter out your lead prospects.

    5. Run Repeated Ads to The Video until You Reach Your Target of 1000 Leading Prospects

    Now your main goal should be to expand your Facebook Custom Audience i.e., the number of people who have watched more than 95% of your video. To do so, you run ads on that video repeatedly until your goal is reached.

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    The time to reach this target varies from person to person and content to content. It can take anywhere from a day to a week, month, or even 6 months but it is guaranteed worth your time. No matter how long it takes to reach that goal, you keep doing it until you reach the target of 1000 lead prospects.

    ➣ Why is it Important to Reach the Target of 1000 Lead prospects?

    It is important to reach the target of 1000 prospects because Facebook only lets you move to the next step if you have reached this number and once you have reached the target number, the rest of the process works like clockwork.
    It's not only that Facebook prefers to have 1000 lead prospects before moving on to the next step but also because Facebook's ad relevance diagnostics reward the ad campaigns which target a custom audience. Facebook uses it as a scale to measure how well your ads fit your targeted audience.
    A high relevance score is directly associated with better click-through rates and lower cost per click.

    6. Create a 1% lookalike Audience of Those 1000 Lead Prospects

    A custom audience or a source audience is necessary if you are planning on creating a lookalike audience on Facebook. Suppose you have created a custom audience of 1000 prospects, now to create a lookalike audience, you need to identify the common characteristics, interests, and demographics of people who have interacted with your video.

    ➣ How is The lookalike Audience Going to Help Me?

    The purpose of creating a lookalike audience is to be able to identify and deliver your ads to the relevant viewers who look and behave like your custom audience.

    ➣ What Should Be the Size of Facebook's lookalike Audience?

    Facebook lets you choose the size of your lookalike audience during your campaign creation process. It should be noted that a larger audience might increase your reach, but smaller audiences are more likely to match your source audience. Generally, you can select between a range of 1-10% of the total population in your country.
    After you've reached the target lookalike audience of 1000 people, you are ready to move on to the next video in your funnel.
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    7. Repeat the Procedure

    You can repeat the process to reach new audiences and customers for your brand or your services. The more time you invest, the better results you will get.
    This whole process might look tiring and very time-consuming and it surely is. You have to be patient through this procedure because it is all worth it in the end. The most important factor associated with it is that as this sequence progresses, it allows you to connect with more engaging and useful people.
    You will not be talking to the cold audience anymore. With every step, you are focusing your efforts and energy on a more interested and warm audience that is more likely to become your client or customer in the future.
    Building a more focused Facebook audience makes it easy for you to reach your ideal prospects and you can work more efficiently on converting them into your customers.
    This is all for today’s blog. Do share your feedback and feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries regarding Social Media Marketing, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Let Prism, the best Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai assist you. Do share the blog with your friends so they can also benefit. Take care and Goodbye.

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