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How to Improve Organic CTR for Your Content

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How to Improve Organic CTR for Your Content 

Alex Chris defines Clickthrough Rate as the percentage of searchers that click through your website from the search results. 

Another definition from 904. Technology is that it refers to the act of a search engine user going to your website from the URL displayed on the search result. We’ll discuss what the impacts of organic Click-Through Links are and how to improve your Organic CTR.

How important is an organic clickthrough for your content?

If the rankings that exist on your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are high then you’re on the right track. However, it still doesn’t guarantee that someone will look at your website. The important part is how many people are clicking on your content and not exiting your page immediately. To answer this question in a simple and straightforward answer optimizing Organic CTR will produce results, especially when done at scale.


Steps you can take to improve your Organic Click Through Rate

Lean Towards Descriptive keywords.
Commonly known as long-tail keywords, they are three or more words in length. They help you to target specialist populations because they are broad. They are designed to better reflect how individuals make searches; these keywords are also less competitive than generic keywords. You can attract more high-quality visitors to your website using long-tail keywords, which are more likely to convert.

Use clear Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)
Similar to Long-tail keywords, there is a suggestion that using descriptive keywords attracts people to your site. There’s a high chance of someone clicking on www.bookstoimproveyourenglish as opposed to www.buildvocabularywithbooks.com. One title gives an immediate hint and captures the attention of the reader, dives into their mind, and suggests what they’re looking for while the other simply suggests it, which translates into “we have a majority of books, find what you’re looking for.”

Tip: Keep your URL simple and add your product name/company name so that prospective clients can easily find it. 

Connect with your audience through emotions.

A title that suggests something has worked before will likely attract the attention of multiple readers; using words like “proven methods to keep you calm” or “preferred products for your morning skincare routine”. These are more likely to get visitors compared to “products for your morning skincare routine”. One word can cling to an individual’s mind and prompt them to visit your site multiple times.  A few other proven ways include but are not limited to; 

  • Use a relatable story to connect with your audience. (There’s power in a good ending)
  • Practicing honesty. This will draw honest emotional reactions and believe it or not leads to a high conversion rate.
  • Requesting for reviews. Give your audience an opportunity to review your products and company, if they see improvement next time, it’s likely that you’ve gained a lifetime client. 

Visual Content is your right-hand man.

An article that has visual content is a few steps ahead of one with no visuals at all. A perspective would be why people watch movie previews, it’s to decide whether the movie is worth watching or not. The same goes for your content, the way you interpret your message through your content plays a big part in capturing the reader’s attention and getting them to frequent your site for more information. Visuals include the following;


  • Memes
  • Animations 
  • Screenshots
  • Gifs

The list is generally endless and it is up to you to choose what works best for your content.


Adopt a checklist or a title with numbers included. 
Employing titles like “10 ways to improve your physical health” gives the reader an insight into what to expect and how much time they are likely to spend on the site. For individuals that like to summarize information, this would be very helpful. Users/ visitors dislike being uncertain about the link they’re about to click on. This title tells a searcher exactly what the link is about.

How to calculate Your site’s organic clickthrough rates.
Even though the percentage depends on the channel, media, and content, the CTR calculation procedure is constant. The ratio of individuals who clicked on you from an organic result in the SERPs divided by the total number of impressions for a certain phrase is used to calculate your organic click-through rate %. By entering your data into the formula below, you can calculate the organic CTR of your website.

Organic CTR Percentage = 100 organic clicks views

A high CTR shows that a substantial percentage of individuals who notice your link visit it, implying that it is appealing and compelling. A low CTR, on the other hand, implies that your link isn’t as appealing as its competitors’ and identifies a potential area of concern.


Another format to use when calculating your Clickthrough Rate is outlined below;

  1. The exact number of clicks. In total, you can get two types of clicks. The first is the number of clicks made by one person (called unique clicks), and the second is the total number of clicks. Before summing up and calculating the Clickthrough Rate, you must select the type that will be used.

  2. Distinctive clicks: If the same user clicks the link multiple times, it will only be counted as one click.

  3. Email bounces: When calculating email CTR, be sure to account for email bounces. With every email you send, some of those emails will “bounce” or not get delivered to every single inbox.

When it’s all said and done, it is very essential that you know how to improve your Organic Clickthrough Rate for your content, and some of the most effective ways include; Opting for descriptive words and titles, the use of clear URLs, using emotions as a way to connect with your audience Graphical/Visual content as an aid to capture the searchers’ attention and lastly, adopting a checklist or using a title with numbers included to give a searcher an insight on what to expect before they visit your website.

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