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Table Of Contents

  1. What does Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Dashboard Consists of ?
  2. How to use Disavow Link Tool?
  3. What are the functions of Ahrefs Backlink Tool?
  4. How can you utilize Ahrefs Backlinks Filter?
  5. What is A word or Phrase Backlink Filter?
  6. What are the Limitation of AHREFS Webmaster Tools?


How to use AHREFS WEBMASTER TOOL to get Google 1st page rank in 2021

Ahrefs launched a free SEO tool that offers Search Engine Optimization on-page and off-page SEO information. This tool is known as Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

Overview of Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

The Ahrefs Webmaster Tools are very easy to use. The navigation is intuitive with the data precisely where you would want that it should be. All the data you need Data is close to one to two clicks away.

What does Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Dashboard Consists of?

The dashboard of the tool is suitably easy and basic. It includes readout of:

  • Health Score
  • Domain Rating
  • Referring domains
  • Backlinks
  • Organic Traffic
  • Organic Keywords
  • Disavow links tool

web master tools

All the information you need is one click away. However, the Organic traffic section cannot be clicked. Getting in directly to website information is too simple and instinctive.

The Disavowed Link tool is a management tool that makes and keep up disavow lists records in a sorted out manner.A user can easily upload a spreadsheet or add the URLs and domains manually. To overlook the predefined URLs in reports, the disavow data will be utilized by Ahrefsand it can likewise be exported for upload to Google Search Console.Prism, the Digital Marketing Agency will help you to rank high in Google Search results with their strategies.
Navigating through the Health Score icon uncovers SEO information related to crawling status, crawling errors and warnings, HTTP status response codes (200, 301, 404, and 500). It's an overall diagram of the success of a site crawl. The 500 status response code is particularly significant input since it can make you aware of server or database issues. For instance, an inappropriately configured server will surrender and start serving 500 response codes.

The backlink tool offers a summary of the backlinks with the ability to survey specific sorts of backlinks. For instance, a publisher can limit the selection of links by confining to one link per domain or all links from every domain.

functions of Ahrefs Backlink tools

How can you utilize Ahrefs Backlinks Filter?

The tool can specifically confine the view to the accompanying variables:

  • Link-type (dofollow, redirected, .gov, etc.)
  • Platform (blogs, eCommerce, forums, etc.)
  • Language
  • Traffic (by date)
  • Word or Phrase


The "Word or Phrase"backlink filter is one of the best filters. You can enter .org into this tool and filter the backlinks with the goal that it gives you the entirety of the .org backlinks. You can enter "assets" and find all the websites linking to you that have that word in the URL.
The Word or Phrase filter incorporates or prevents whatever word or phrases you enter into it.That is an exceptional element that is helpful from various perspectives. It's an amazing method to distinguish quality or bad quality links or to discover specific sorts of backlinks in a profile.

What are the Limitation of AHREFS Webmaster Tools ?

There are cutoff points to the number of URLs are crawled and how long data is held.

Site Audit
  • Monthly crawled URLs are restricted to 5,000 per project
  • Data retention is allowed for only 3 months
  • JS rendering – yes
Site Explorer
  • Backlink index – “Live” only
  • Rows per report are limited to 1,000 only
  • Rows per month support upto 100,000
  • Export rows per report allowed are 1,000 alike Rows per report
  • Export rows per month are allowed up to 10,000
Advanced SE reports:
  • 10 rows per report are allowed for a Content gap
  • 10 rows per report are allowed for Link Intersect
  • 10 rows per report are allowed for Competing pages or domains
  • 10 rows per report are allowed for the Top pages, subdomains, or paths

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Verdict

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is an amazing service. There are endless highlights and features packed into this tool. Also, there might be something else that many of us even haven't come across.
There are often questions about the possible privacy issues while using the tools and if Ahrefs would seek to use customer data.However, they are always compliant with all regulations and transparent with their users, especially when it comes to ethical issues. It becomes difficult to accept that something as valuable can come for free. The focus on its advantages, detailing and convenience to use make this a top SEO auditing tool that each and every SEO Company in Dubai should try and use to make their clients website rank #1 on Google.

CONCLUSION: Everybody is aware how to use Google Advanced Search, yet not every person realizes how to utilize its maximum capacity. Follow these Google search tips by Prism alongside the search shortcuts to discover results quicker and with more prominent precision.

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