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: 01st May 2022         : Lovetto Nazareth

How to Build 100% White-Hat Quality Backlinks

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While searching for the ways to bring your website top of search engine rankings, you may across the term – backlinks, link building, quality backlinks, high DA links, and so on. So what does it exactly mean? Backlinks play an important role in improving your rankings in search engine results, as it is one of the top-ranking factors for Google. The more quality backlinks you have to your website, the stronger your chance of getting the top position in search engines. In this article, we are going to discuss Backlinks in detail and the quick and simple strategies to build quality backlinks using White Hat Techniques (Google loves it).

What Are Backlinks?

A Backlink is an inbound link that comes from another website to your website. Usually, the link could be placed in the anchor text, on an image, or as a call-to-action button. When it comes to SEO, backlinks are very, very important because it has been considered one of the ranking factors by every major search engine. If you would like to increase your site authority score and rank higher than your competitors, then you need to start building quality backlinks to your website. This is because getting backlinks from high-quality sources can pass authority to your site, as well as help you rank higher in SERPs.

Getting links from trustworthy websites are a great way to make Google see your site as more authoritative. Among more than 200 Google ranking factors, backlinks are one of the most important to stay at the top of Google search. Link from one website to another is a vote of confidence and a kind of recommendation for readers that “You can trust this source, so check it out now!” You can start building your backlinks sooner, as it takes a lot of effort to build quality links and will bring great benefits to your website in the long run. Get started with Backlink building for your website by contacting SEO agency in Dubai.

How to Find Authority Sites for Link Building?

Not all backlinks are created equal. Since backlinks are considered a vote of confidence, you need to get link juice from high-quality authoritative sites.

When you start building backlinks, you may come across with “N” number of ways to build backlinks. A few years before, black-hat SEOs are used to create vast backlinks – but now, this link-building technique is no longer in use, as Google has started penalizing websites that use black-hat techniques.

Hope now you understand the importance of building backlinks, because when it comes to link building – quality matters a lot compared to quantity. But, building high-quality is the most challenging part of SEO. There are 4 factors you need to consider when building a backlink for your website. It includes:

  • • Authoritative – Get quality backlinks from authoritative sources which generate a lot of traffic and ranks in the top position of search engine. Try to get links from .gov, .org and.edu sites, as they carry more weight.
  • • Relevant – Get backlinks from websites that are related and relevant to your business
  • • Unique – Make sure to get links from a site that refers to you, but does not refer to your competitors.
  • • Natural – Make sure the referring page has a natural number of links on it, and not spammy or sponsored ones.

How to Get Backlinks?

  • 1. Guest Blogging
  • 2. Broken Link Building
  • 3. Bookmark your Blog
  • 4. Be Active in Forums
  • 5. Analyze Competitors Backlinks
  • 6. Use Reverse Image Search to Build Backlinks
  • 7. Start Your Own Podcast
  • 8. Create your Account in High DA Sites
  • 9. Use Directories
  • 10. Video Marketing
Ways to create quality backlinks infographic
Guest Blogging

It’s a great and easy technique for high-quality and natural backlinks. You can find guest blogging opportunities by searching Google using the below key terms:

  • • Keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • • Keyword + intitle: write for us
  • • Keyword + become a contributor

It will give you a chance to explore many guest blogging opportunities to share your content and build quality backlinks.

Broken Link Building

This is the most effective but unpopular method of building quality backlinks, and it is called Broken Link Building Technique. You can find the broken links on other bloggers’ websites and you can inform the blog owner regarding this. Since you’re doing them a favor, they will give you a chance to link out to your website. But in millions to trillions of guest blogs, how you will find the broken links? There are some Google Chrome extensions, which you can use to find out the broken links and inform the blog owner to replace their broken links.

Bookmark your Blog

You can bookmark your website on popular bookmarking sites. Try to create backlinks using white-hat techniques and don’t create more than 100 internal links, as it will make your website look suspicious.

Be Active in Forums

Find trending and newsworthy topics and participate in active forms. This will help to get a link from authoritative news sites and media outlets.

Analyze Competitors Backlinks

Spy your competitors’ backlinks. You can create a Google alert for your competitors’ brand names, so you will get alerts wherever they make their presence online. Keep track of competitors’ backlinks and don’t miss out on any chance to reach potential audiences.

Use Reverse Image Search to Build Backlinks

If you have more amount of visual content on your website or blog (infographics, screenshots, & charts, etc.), there is a chance that someone on the internet may use your images without giving proper alt and link attribution. You can resolve this issue and get a backlink in return by sending an email to the site owner requesting a link for your using your image on their website.

Start Your Own Podcast

By having your own podcast, you will have the option to become more creative with your content and reach the targeted audience easier. Most importantly, podcasting is fun and gives you an opportunity to build your own brand and showcase your services and products.

You can create your own podcast using free apps. You can record an episode using your smartphone and upload it to podcasting sites.

Create your Account in High DA Sites

Creating your profile in high DA sites will give you an opportunity to get a link to your website from high authoritative sites with high Domain Authority.

Use Directories

You might hear of someone saying that directories are dead, but actually it’s NOT! Using directories is one of the best ways to improve your local business presence and help potential customers to reach your business. You can prefer directories such as – Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, or any other niche directories that can help your website to rank higher, generate traffic, and build quality backlinks.

Video Marketing

Next to Google, YouTube is the biggest and most popular search engine which will help you to generate more traffic and build quality backlinks. As videos are easy to watch and can provide much more information which is easier to digest information, users prefer to watch videos.

So to create quality backlinks with videos, follow the below steps:

  • • Start a YouTube Channel
  • • Use links in channel description and video description

What are the Best Free Backlinks Checkers?

After your long-term effort in link building, you need to check and verify the result of backlink building. There are many Free Backlink Checkers available that you can use to verify the quality and quantity of backlinks. You can try using:

  • • Ahrefs Backlink Checker
  • • Backlinks (Neil Patel)
  • • MonitorBacklinks

If you want professional assistance in maintaining quality backlinks, you can get support from SEO Marketing Agencies in Dubai, who can manually check your backlinks and if there are any toxic links available, they will help disavow the low-quality backlinks.

How Do You Know If a Link Is a Good Link?

So, how you can identify the difference between a Good Link and a Bad Link? Look out the below factors to find out good quality backlinks:-

  • • Relevance
  • • Trustworthiness
  • • Placement (Make sure to place the links in the upper body of the content)
  • • Authority Score
  • • Anchor Text

How Long Does a Link Building Campaign Take?

The time frame can generate quality backlinks will take about 3 months to complete a link-building campaign.

With all the aspects of SEO and link building, it’s very hard to say exactly how many backlinks you require to stay ahead of your competitors. But, in general, you need to ensure quality over quantity while creating your backlink profile.

Wrap Up,

There you have it - hope we have clearly explained the things you need to know about the Backlink Building!

Do you have more questions or are curious to know how link building can help your small business to generate traffic and help your business stay on the top of search engine results?

Contact us today! Prism Digital, the SEO Marketing Agency in Dubai helps to strategize the best way to build quality backlinks to improve your online presence!

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