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Google web stories playbook 2021

: 20th Jun 2021         : Lovetto Nazareth

Use Google’s Web Stories Playbook to Master the Art of Creating Web Stories

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Google has released a Web Stories Playbook that explains how to use the new format on a website to boost engagement and revenue. Google web stories are used by many digital marketing agencies to help increase the exposure and revenue of businesses.
This Web Stories Playbook explains how to succeed with the new format in detail. The booklet, which is over a hundred pages long, starts with an overview and then moves on to more sophisticated suggestions aimed at increasing traffic, engagement, and revenues.

What are Google Web Stories?

Google has introduced a new format called Web Stories, which appears in Search and Discover. The format is intended to give users on the go with "snackable" content.
Google owns Google Web Stories, which are powered by AMP technology. They are full-screen, immersive experiences you can host on your own website.
They vary from other story experiences, such as Instagram or Facebook stories, in that you may post them on your own website. In addition, you may use Google Web Stories to integrate links, calls to action, and Google AdWords.
You may share brand narratives that visitors can click through to experience the tale you want to communicate by using separate story panels with videos, images, and other elements. People may see Google Web Stories in a Google search, in Google pictures, or through the Google Discover app, which is accessible on Apple and Android devices, in addition to watching them on your website.
Owning your Google Web Stories material provides you a leg up on the competition in terms of SEO and using this immersive storytelling option.
Google Web Stories are a great way to tell heartwarming stories when the world needs more good news. brands may take advantage of the potential to share inspirational and touching stories. It's about a Paralympic swimmer who constructed his own pool when his training pool was shut down due to the epidemic.

Advantages of Using Google Web Stories

Let us look at some of the advantages of Google Web Stories for your business and why they can be preferable to other social media options.

A different approach for people to locate your website

The ability for Google Web Stories to appear in Google search pages or photos is a strong argument to consider developing them, thanks to Google's tremendous search engine capabilities. It is another way to improve your SEO performance.
You may also include links or CTAs that drive visitors to your website because Google Web Stories are so configurable.

You own the content

The main distinction between Google Web Stories and social media competitors is content ownership. You made the content using AMP or a third-party platform, so you can do anything you want with it.
You may put it on your own website or share it in any way you choose. Consider how you would like to use Google Web Stories and how others will find them. This can also influence your creative decisions. The possibilities are practically endless, and you have complete control.

They give your website a more immersive feel

Google Web Stories can give a new layer to your website, whether you are searching for a method to add some shine to your blogging, storytelling on your website, or just prefer the aesthetic of a full-screen experience. Full-screen Google Web Stories may be seen by both mobile and desktop users, reducing descriptions and making them feel like they're a part of the tale.

Google Web Stories are entertaining for your audience

The average American spends 5 hours a day on their mobile device. People like skimming through topics that they are interested in.
You must establish your niche and offer stunning and exciting tales to break through the internet's noise and clutter, guaranteeing that your audience wants to keep watching your material.

Making them can be enjoyableM

Although this may not be true for everyone, many artists may like the experience of making Google Web Stories. Drag-and-drop capabilities are included in the numerous tools we covered above, making the designing work straightforward for many.
You could discover that you are continuously coming up with fresh narrative ideas and exciting methods to deliver them.

They provide one-of-a-kind ad choices

You should know that Google Web Stories may be used in conjunction with Google AdWords and other ad platforms. This might be a smart alternative for some businesses because of their strong SEO tie-in.

Ad Opportunities on Google Web Stories

Content providers have traditionally made money by selling ad space. This is true for anything from a print newspaper to a news blog on the internet. The premise behind Google Web Stories is similar to that of programmatic advertisements.
You can construct immersive, compelling tales with advertising that blend in seamlessly with the rest of the content. You may include CTA boxes, links to landing sites, and connections to product sites, depending on why you are telling the tale.

Google Web Stories Playbook

As the Web Stories Playbook demonstrates, the new format has a wide range of applications that may assist publishers in making their websites more interesting for users while also increasing revenue from advertising and affiliate connections.
Publishers may use web stories to reach out to new audiences. They may also be used to convert visitors into sales or urge them to click on affiliate links by keeping them on the site longer to watch additional adverts. Affiliate links, sponsored content, programmatic adverts, and directly sold adverts are all methods to monetize web articles.
Google also offers help in the shape of a WordPress plugin that makes creating Web Stories a breeze. The new playbook aims to show publishers how to integrate online stories into their websites. Despite the fact that the Web Stories Playbook is over a hundred pages long, each page contains no more than two paragraphs of text. This layout makes it simple to read and comprehend.

google web stories

What's Inside the Google Web Stories Playbook?

There are three sections to the playbook:

1. Overview

Describes how online stories may help publishers reach new audiences and provide a faster method for them to consume material.

2. Points of Entry

Explains how to integrate web tales into a website and how to personalize how site visitors interact with them.

3. Additional Design Information

Provides a detailed analysis of design best practices for increasing reader engagement. The goal of the Web Stories Playbook is as follows:
"Learn how to make the most of Web Stories. This guide will show you how to integrate Web Stories into your website so that you may reach new audiences and engage people with the material they'll enjoy."

4. Entry Points

The sections Entry Points and More Design Details go over each topic in great detail. The playbook, for example, focuses on five distinct types of "entry points" one by one so that a publisher may gain an expert level of expertise.
The section on Entry Points explains how there are five possible entry points: Singleton, author highlight, compact display, carousel, and dedicated page. Then it explains how each of the five "entry points" fits into a web page as part of a larger strategy for engaging visitors.

5. Additional Design Information: Best Practices

The guide explains recommended practices for content and page layout in the More Design Details part before moving on to how to further personalize the web stories.
The paper concludes with three further resources:

➣ Guide to Using Stories on your site.

➣ CMSes and tools for creating web stories.

➣ Web Stories Technical Documentation.

The instructions include connections to a GitHub and Slack channel for Web Stories; however, the Slack link appears to be broken.
Web stories are undoubtedly an amazing way to tell your story in an engaging way and increase the visibility and exposure of your business. Use Google playbook for web stories to learn how to use web stories in an effective manner. This is it for today’s blog. I hope you liked it and that you’ve learned a thing or two about Google we stories. Do share your feedback with us and share the blog with your friends as well. If you have a business and you want to reach a greater online audience, reach out to Prism, the best Digital Marketing agency in Dubai and we’ll take care of everything. Thank you and Goodbye.

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