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Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

: 21st Jan 2022         : Lovetto Nazareth

7 Tips to Effectively Use Digital Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

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For all e-commerce businesses, their online presence is the primary face of their brand and the only link to potential and existing buyers. So, it logically follows that your digital marketing efforts must be up to the mark if you want your business to grow.
Yet, many brands are getting lost in the shuffle, losing customers to one-up competitors who are making more of a splash online.
If you find yourself struggling with low Google rankings, clicks without conversions, lack of engagement on social media, not enough incoming leads, and lackluster sales numbers today, there's no need to panic.

Top Seven Digital Marketing Tips for E-commerce Businesses

The following seven digital marketing tips, when implemented properly and consistently, can have a dramatic effect on your e-commerce website's online visibility, traffic, and sales.

1. Using social media in a Multi-Pronged Approach

Perhaps you're already using social selling websites like Facebook Marketplace to sell your products. Even if social media isn't a direct sales channel for you as an online retailer, you must have a strong social media presence as an e-commerce business.
Since your company is predominantly online, you should make a strong effort to communicate with your customers where they spend their time online. And they're on social media! More visitors can become brand followers, and more brand followers can become paying consumers, thanks to social media.
Here are a few social media networks to consider for your e-commerce branding and marketing efforts:


With over 2 billion monthly users, it's an understatement to say that Facebook is a formidable marketing tool. Facebook ads use demographic categories and location data to provide tailor-made guidance. You have complete control over the audience you want to reach!
When it comes to the influence of social media marketing for businesses, it's difficult to surpass Facebook in terms of ROI potential.


Did you know that Instagram galleries can be used to direct people to external websites? Customers can go immediately go to your store and start shopping by clicking on an image they like in your gallery.


Pinterest is an excellent platform for e-commerce retailers to display photographs of their products. When it comes to making purchasing decisions, Pinterest users love to pin and preserve thoughts and ideas, so it might work in your favor as an online vendor. Pinterest has the highest average cart size for e-sellers, at $50 per order, and is also the second-biggest source of social media traffic for e-commerce sites.


This popular video site has nearly the same number of users as Facebook and is constantly growing. In fact, YouTube is the world's third most popular website! YouTube can be a great ally if you're wanting to promote your brand and expand your reach.
You don't need to be a skilled videographer or have a lot of video editing skills. You can build a nice following on YouTube if you share content that your audience finds valuable, helpful, or entertaining (or all of the above!).
You may publish things like product reviews, customer testimonials, cross-promotions, new product reveals, and more in addition to how-to videos.
You should also realize that effective social marketing necessitates a long-term strategy. Playing the slow game won't get you very far in terms of building a following or generating the kind of ROI you're looking for. However, if you continue to post and stick with it, the backlinks, organic SEO traffic, and lead generation you will receive will more than pay for your content marketing investment.

2. Ask for the Sale

One of the most crucial lessons to learn if you've ever worked in a customer-facing firm is to ask for the sale. You can provide an excellent warm-up, a fantastic presentation, and a seamless conclusion. However, unless you ask for the sale, it may never happen!
It's the same with digital marketing. Your product page might feature all the details, as well as some fantastic 3D graphics and AI-powered gadgets. However, if all you have to offer is a ton of content with no clear call to action (or CTA), you're likely to lose the sale.
Your potential customers may also be confused if the "Shop Now" or "Buy Now" button is surrounded by ten other visuals or links that distract them or even lead them away from the point of sale! That's not good!

3. Use CTAs That are Easy to Understand

To draw attention to your action buttons on the fold of EVERY PAGE of your website, use a basic, highlighted design strategy. CTAs should be placed in other appropriate spots on each page, such as the middle and bottom.

4. Upselling Can Increase the Total Basket Value by Up to 25%.

According to a recent study, simply displaying a higher-priced item beside the buyer's initial pick resulted in 3.9 % of all shoppers selecting the higher-priced item. This might not appear to be a large sum, but it adds up over time!
Let's suppose you're selling a computer. By all means, don't limit yourself to the computer. Take a page from Amazon's playbook and provide a bundle that contains the PC your customer wants, as well as a wireless mouse, an external hard drive, and a protection plan. In addition, retailers who cross-sell in this way find conversion rates rise by up to 18%. Cross-selling isn't just for B2C customers; it may also help your B2B firm grow.

Ecommerce Marketing Facts

5. Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Contrary to popular belief, a well-crafted email campaign remains a highly effective digital marketing technique. Here are certain fundamentals that are frequently missed or ignored, resulting in a loss of leads.

Welcome Emails

A well-crafted welcome email can help to deepen the bond between a company and its new clients. It's also a good idea to include a specific discount offer, as well as a description of the benefits of becoming an email subscriber.

Provide Relevant Advice and Useful Information

This is one of the many benefits of email marketing. Keep your prospects interested by providing useful information and advice rather than bombarding them with sales pitches. It will go a long way toward developing brand trust and customer loyalty if you are mindful of this.

Provide Coupons and Discounts

Let's be honest: everyone enjoys getting a good deal. Additionally, offering discounts and coupons is a fantastic approach to help your e-commerce business grow. One online retailer, for example, issued coupons to everyone on his email list and saw a 265 % increase in sales conversions!

Request feedback and comments

Email surveys are a great method to discover more about your consumers as well as what they think about your company. It's not for the faint of heart to ask for feedback in this manner, but it's one of the most effective methods to make your consumers and clients feel appreciated. Your customer, as Lee Cockerell puts it, knows more about your business than you do. Solicit their comments and then act on them!

Keep a close eye on your customers.

Allowing your customers to keep a "Wishlist" of items they like on your e-commerce site can pay off nicely for you and your company. Send them reminders, price reductions, birthday greetings, and any other important company news through email on a regular basis. Knowing what's on their Wishlist can help you figure out what they actually like and care about, which you can help them monetize with thoughtful, strategic email marketing.

6. Personalization for One-of-a-Kind experience

Personalizing for the consumer is a well-known example of brand differentiation. For many buyers, e-commerce has truly become "Me-Commerce," and online businesses must be aware of this. Buyers have grown to expect individualized service and a unique shopping experience, and they will gravitate toward retailers who strive to deliver it.
Ecommerce stores can address the client by name every time they purchase on their site (once you've gotten them to fill out a response form via a CTA). You may add personal touches like sending annual birthday wishes, asking for comments and feedback, and offering unique promotions and discounts to your "inner circle" after they make a purchase.
Stores that do not endeavor to deliver this type of tailored experience will soon become as obsolete as e-commerce stores that do not have mobile-friendly websites.

7. Product Evaluations

Including customer reviews in your online product listings might also help you increase sales. Simply by including reviews alongside product listings, one California-based shop saw an 80 % increase in sales.
You will obtain greater credibility in the eyes of your visitors and shoppers if you are willing to publish reviews. Furthermore, 85 % trust word-of-mouth advertising above all other forms of advertising. It's well worth the effort to incorporate more word-of-mouth into your e-commerce website only for that reason!
So, now you know a bit more about the strategies that will help your online store find success. As time progresses and customers continue to make larger and larger purchases online, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for new ways to best promote your website, specifically if you find yourself competing for ad space with other e-commerce businesses.

In the end, the right techniques will depend on what you know about your company's niche market -- but when it comes down to it, providing excellent customer service and keeping up with current trends in business can help assure your e-store's survival in this challenging digital environment.
If you want your e-commerce business to shine, you need much more than simply pushing out plain content and posting on social media, you need a tailored strategy to rank on Google because that's where all the business happens. You need a dedicated social media plan because your competitors are already doing everything to beat you.
If all of this is way over your head, you can reach out to Prism Digital, the best digital marketing agency in Dubai and we will devise omnichannel marketing strategies that will take your e-commerce business to new heights. This is it for today. I'll see you in the next blog. Take care.

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