Boost your Social Media Engagement Strategies with the “A-E-I-O-U” Formula

Boost your Social Media Engagement Strategies with the “A-E-I-O-U” Formula

Gone are the days where in social media was used to just share content or chat with friends. Today, social media is a powerful tool used not only for personal use but also in the professional sphere wherein it’s all about engagement with other people around the globe.

You as a brand/company must be posting regular content, addressing comments and tweets, providing updates of new product launches or existing ones etc. but still are facing little or no engagement. Engagement is not as easy as you may think it may be. So here’s how you can Stop typical social media marketing in dubai and Start Engaging and boost your Social Media Engagement Strategies with the “A-E-I-O-U” Formula


A is for Ask

Asking questions on social media is not the same as how one would ask questions in their normal life. Asking questions such as, how are you? or What is your email id? Can tend to be too harsh and forceful and would not give your brand any engagement as people would not espond. Therefore, frame your questions in a way so as to build engagement. Here are some ways to put forward your questions.
Post a question that invites people to share their opinion or add light on a topic.Play games to build engagement, such as quizzes Ask followers relevant, provocative, and timely questions.Since most of the social media platforms have an option to take a poll and start a live video make use of the new updates to boost engagement. A good Social media agency in Dubai can make or break your audience


E is for Expression

Due to the advancement of mobile phone and it’s ever changing features one has the chance to take pictures, create gif and videos etc. and do some much more to portray an impactful expression. You can use your customers be a voice for your brand. They can express your brand for you in short become brand advocates. Here are a few ways you can encourage your audience to create content featuring your brand: Make use of trending #Hashtags Provide a platform for customer reviews, ratings as well as testimonials Conduct media upload contests such as sharing of photographs, recordings, recipes or diy’s



I is for Incentive

People like to play games, compete with one another, keep record if scores, and most of all, win. Then why not turn this into an opportunity to build engagement. Boost your audience’s competitive spirit by encouraging them to participate for a contest in return of a reward that they could possibly win. You can also host a giveaway and target specific audiences. For example many beauty bloggers host a giveaway of cosmetic products as an incentive on their channel for women interested in makeup if they answer specific questions.


O is for Offer

Not always your engagement has to be gamified. Your brand can engage with customers and prospects the old fashioned way, with attractive offers such as:
Discount Coupons and Rebates
Membership cards
Free shipping/delivery
Coupon code discounts
Free trials for 30 days
Gift vouchers and much more.
However, experiment various offers to see what works best for your brand.


U is for Utility

Utility stand for providing the audience with something that can be beneficial as well as interactive. Useful content created to engage prospective customers could include tools, blog posts, video, info graphics, downloadable guides, mini-courses, helpful email sequences, webinars, and much more. If you would like to get professionally created videos, graphics and social media engagement tools contact us here

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