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Benefits of Content Marketing for Businesses in 2021

: 24th Apr 2021         : Lovetto Nazareth

What are The Benefits of Content Marketing for Businesses?

Reasons why businesses should focus on content marketing and the benefits of hiring a content marketing consultant.

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Words have great power. Words can undoubtedly make or break a deal and this importance doubles in weightage when it comes to marketing. Being a digital marketer for so long, I can safely say that content is the king, and all that differentiates good content from bad one is merely the arrangement of words.
Good content is what attracts qualified visitors, helps build trust among your prospects, and converts them into authentic leads. It effectively highlights a company's expertise and it will definitely not be an exaggeration to say that good content decides the future of companies.

What is content marketing?

It is a digital marketing strategy concerned with both the creation and distribution of quality content. An effective content marketing strategy requires you to make sure that your content is relevant, consistent, and useful to the visitor.
Unlike traditional marketing practices, content marketing is purely customer-oriented. Instead of jumping in and trying to sell your product, you share relevant content with your potential customers answering their doubts and queries.
Modern content is based on the fact "what is in it for the customer?". The needs and interests of your potential customers are of paramount importance.

How is content marketing helpful for your business?

In a very short time span, content marketing has taken over the digital marketing world and is now among one of the most practiced and focused strategies when it comes to marketing businesses.
Stats show that relevant and valuable content garners around 3 times more leads. Not only this, but content marketing is also economical as it costs 62% less than other digital marketing strategies. Moreover, it drives 7.8% higher organic traffic for businesses annually.
Here are a few positive aspects of content marketing for businesses:

1. Helps you rank higher on Google

Only quality content can drive organic traffic to your website. When your content is valuable, impressive, and is SEO optimized, Google is going to rank you higher on the search engine result pages because Google simply loves good content and of course because it adds value for searchers.
Quality content is one of the sure-shot ways to get a higher ranking. The more engaging and informative your content is, the more qualified traffic you will get which will later, turn into leads as well.

2. Creates strong brand awareness

It is a simple mechanism. Quality content ranks higher in search engines and content that ranks higher is more likely to catch attention and visits from potential clients. Not only will they visit your website, but they might also share your content on different platforms which will increase the reach and exposure of your brand.
The increasing number of shares and recommendations will help you gain that much-needed trust which will eventually get you more and more clients.

3. Increases sales

The two factors mentioned above, when followed the right way, will result in a significant increase in sales. The effort put in to improve ranking and increasing brand awareness will eventually pay off by a significant spike in sales.
It is not as hard as it seems. You just need to figure out the technicalities of SEO and do your due research. Once you’ve figured out what needs to be done, things eventually get easier, and sales start to come in and that is the ultimate goal of any business.

4. Gains clients’ trust

Your content speaks volumes about your business. If your content is persuading enough to gain the trust of your potential clients, they will start relying on you to get information about stuff related to your business. This eventually leads to your name being established as a trusted brand and searchers will stop looking for other options and will instantly click on your website.
This kind of trust needs time, patience, and a lot of effort. You need to make your content flawless and interactive to stand out among all the other brands. You need to build a connection with your customers through your content, make them feel included, and convince them that their needs are your priority, only then will you be able to make your mark in the industry.

5. Establishes E-A-T

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. These factors highlight what Google wants from the websites and websites are analyzed using these parameters. Quality content plays a vital role in maintaining these qualities for a website.
Only good content can portray the expertise of a brand in a particular field. The more detailed, thorough, and critical your content will be, the greater are the chances of a higher SEO ranking. A critically written piece of content ensures the authenticity and credibility of the writer and that is exactly what Google asks for.
Quality content, displaying the facts and figures right, and giving all the verified information in an organized manner indicate positive intentions of a brand and show loyalty to its customers. It helps build trust and therefore, it is fair to say that content is directly related to a website’s ranking.

6. Helps you connect with your audience on different platforms

No amount of exposure and publicity is enough when it comes to online marketing. Your business can never get enough exposure and your website can never have enough traffic and there is always room for more. You should have a significant presence on all the trending social media platforms. Having more and more exposure to your content is the key, given the content is excellent and up to the mark. For that, your content should reach more and more people. Only then will you be able to get the desired results.
You can also use different content formats to engage with your audience. For example, you can use blog posts, infographics, photo essays, lookbooks, videos, podcasts, webinars, interviews, and Live sessions depending on the platform you are using.
Content marketing also helps you strategize and analyze the best content format for all social media platforms depending on the interests of your audience present on those platforms.

content marketing prismdigital

7. Gives long-term results

Content marketing requires time to show results. It is an effective digital marketing strategy but needs you to be patient because, unlike PPC, it is a slow and organic process that gives you long-term and persistent results.
You might need to re-implement other marketing techniques from time to time but once you invest in content marketing, you will get compounding growth and exponential results for a very long time. You just need to be patient, give your best, sit back and relax while the magic happens!

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Can you do content marketing yourself?

If you have first-hand knowledge of your business, are aware of the needs of your customers, can write good content, and can measure, monitor, and analyze the data on your own, then YES, you can do content marketing yourself.
Let us look at it this way. You are a business owner; you just started your business. You have a million tasks that require your attention and time. These other tasks in your business are overwhelming enough but you decide to take over the marketing department too. It does not only include content marketing but all the other digital marketing strategies like management of PPC ads, taking care of the customer support, and optimizing your website for search engines.
All these tasks need time as well as attention, and not to mention, skills to get noticeable results. So, to answer the question, YES, you can do content marketing yourself, but it is not recommended as it requires full attention and skills to get the required results.
Moreover, the increasing number of digital marketing companies providing content marketing services has amplified the competition. So, to stand out and get satisfactory results, it is advised to hire content marketing consultants or a content marketing agency, having the special skills and experience required for successful marketing.

Ways in which a content marketing consultant can help your company succeed

Being the experts, having a lot of experience in the field, and knowing all the tricks and tactics to help any business succeed, content marketing consultants are perfect for the job. Here are a few ways in which they can help your company get more organic traffic and generate leads for your business.

1. Tell your brand’s story

A solid content marketing strategy ensures two things; first, it makes sure that your content is up to the mark technically so that your SEO ranking is improved. It will also let people find your brand easily. If you have just started your business website, your goal should be to make it to the first page.
Studies have shown that people tend to choose from the top results only. They hardly ever go to the second page. So, your first goal should be to make it to the top. Secondly, content marketing requires you to produce engaging content, content that tells a story and helps you connect to your customers on a personal level.
Both these factors are taken care of by content marketing consultants. They make sure to elevate your story in such a way that every customer can relate to it on a personal level.

2. Develop a strategy

Strategizing is the primary job of any marketing consultant. All you need to do is explain your goals, visions, and expectations regarding your business to your consultant in an elaborate way. Then he will come up with the strategies best suited to your business requirements.
The ultimate goal of any business is to capture the attention of potential customers and convince them into buying your product and an expert consultant will take care of this.

3. Manage your blog

A content marketing consultant guides you through the process of writing content, gives you tips, and shapes your content in an impressive and more customer-oriented way. Also making sure that your content is entertaining, informative, and inspiring will attract more and more people to your blog and your website and leave them wanting more. That is the ultimate goal.

4. Publish your content

After your content has been written, proofread, and amended by the consultant for any modifications, it is now time to publish your content. You can either do it on your own website or third-party websites.
Wondering how to decide it? it is not your problem since you have an expert to analyze your content and suggest the best platform keeping the genre and the nature of content in mind. Once your content is online, you will start seeing results in the form of improved Google ranking and increased website traffic.

5. Track and optimize

Putting up the content is not enough. The content marketing consultants are responsible for keeping track of your progress and optimizing your website from time to time. He must make sure that your content is always updated, optimized, and analyzed for any kind of shortcomings and weak points that need to be worked on.
A content marketing consultant or a content marketing agency is a necessity for any modern-day business, now more than ever, as the competition is increasing and Google is continuously coming up with more critical analyzing tools for ranking websites.
A consultant monitors your campaigns, is responsible for increased brand awareness, is in charge of the in-depth content analysis, provides quality website traffic, and most importantly, is responsible for coming up with a tailored content marketing strategy for your business.
I hope that by now you are aware of the importance of a content marketing consultant. Make sure you choose the consultant or an agency after careful consideration as he will be responsible for the future success of your business online.
This is it for today’s blog. Do leave your feedback and share it with your friends so they can also learn. If you have any questions or queries, write to me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you and Goodbye.

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