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Uses of AI in Digital Marketing

: 20th Oct 2021         : Lovetto Nazareth

Practical Uses of AI in Digital Marketing

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Artificial intelligence is rapidly growing and developing. Huge investments into the development of automated business processes and robotics-based computer vision and analysis systems are being made, resulting in an AI boom. Machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, cognitive computing… All of these terms are popular nowadays. It has been a science-fiction dream for quite a long time, but it is becoming a reality. It has applications in every aspect of our lives and work.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. Though this definition is a bit dry and generic, it does capture the general idea. One example can be how your favorite artificial intelligence programs are capable of “thinking” intelligently about the world around them.

It is a big umbrella term for a bunch of different technologies, but it boils down to this: AI allows machines to learn from experience and give feedback.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

A lot has been said about the way Artificial Intelligence is going to revolutionize our world and a lot of it is actually true. In marketing research, AI is already making profound breakthroughs, and in fact, it’s been making huge strides in the areas such as ad targeting, segmenting, and strategizing marketing campaigns.

An increasing number of businesses are embracing artificial intelligence in their digital marketing strategies to stay ahead in the fast-changing digital world. From Artificial Intelligence chatbots to Machine Learning, AI has made the online industry more accessible to users due to its efficient automation capabilities.

Most digital marketers know that AI is a digital tool that they can use, but don’t know how or where to start. In this article, I will elaborate on the actual uses of AI in digital marketing and will explain how you and others can benefit from it.

How is AI transforming Digital Marketing?

If one wants to see how AI is being used and is actually transforming the digital marketing landscape, just look at Google’s RankBrain,Amazon Recommendations, or even voice search. Moreover, in terms of analyzing data and identifying trends, AI is making rapid progress as well and that is eventually allowing Digital Marketers to automate the process.

The benefits of using AI are indeed far-fetched and Digital Marketers can benefit from it in a variety of ways. I will get into it in detail but just to list a few of the benefits, it can help you understand your audience’s behavior, it can help you improve user experience, it can give you better targeting capabilities and it can eventually help you increase ROI.

How can AI give digital marketers an edge over their competitors?

Better audience understanding

AI can gather and analyze data. This allows it to understand buying patterns and behaviors which can help digital marketers in strategizing and making key decisions.

Improving user experience

You can use AI to figure out patterns and understand what your customers are looking for and optimize your platforms accordingly which can allow you to improve user experience.

Effective marketing

Traditionally, digital marketers have relied largely on guesswork in terms of audience segmenting and targeting but AI has changed that entirely. AI’s data-driven analysis gives marketers a concrete basis to analyze and target audiences accordingly, increasing the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Increased productivity

AI allows marketers to automate the processes which saves both time and money. The tasks that used to take hours can now be done in minutes. This increases productivity and allows marketers to make time for research and strategy optimization.

Increased ROI

As aforementioned, digital marketers relied on guesswork and manual data collection which was far from accurate. Resultingly, the campaigns weren’t accurate enough and that meant less success. With the advent of AI, marketers now rely on accurate data which is quantifiable and that helps them create better content that is tailored to the known audience. Moreover, better targeting yields better conversions, thus increasing ROI.

What are the practical uses of AI in Digital Marketing?

I cannot stress enough how beneficial AI can prove to be for digital marketers. It can help you engage with your customers in a better way, bring in new visitors to your website and generate new leads as well. Here are a few practical ways Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai and around the world are using AI to improve performance and you can do that too.

Use of chatbots

Whenever we think of chatbots, what comes to mind is the automated replies on some websites that are not as effective. However, chatbots have evolved over time and can now replicate human interaction. Think of Google’s Alexa and Siri. They’re highly personalized and smart devices that can perform tasks such as finding data, playing songs, and whatnot, or ever conversing like a human being.

Yes, you will have to find the chatbot program that works best for you but you can definitely use it in a variety of ways. You can use them to engage with your audience, reply to their queries and converse with them. You won’t have to worry about your leads slipping just because you weren’t readily available to reply. Chatbots can take care of that. Although I do believe that you should take over as soon as possible and not leave it hanging. But chatbots can indeed greet your potential clients, take general information, and keep them engage until you take over.

Uses of AI in Digital Marketing infographic
Personalized recommendations

Retailers use AI to figure out buying behavior by tracking and identifying consumer preferences. This gives them insights into what people are looking for, allowing them to propose the products that are in demand.

It also helps them create better marketing strategies focusing more on what works best. Ecommerce giants use AI-powered mechanisms to understand what consumers are looking for and they predict what a certain individual would buy, depending on various factors such as past history, behavior, etc.

This allows them to propose and recommend certain products that they’re likely to buy and this drastically increases conversion rates.

Enhanced shopping experience

Digital marketing experts are trying to make the shopping experience as good as possible so that people keep on buying. Brands have incorporated numerous AI-powered techniques to enhance the buying process. One of the examples of that is the use of Augmented Reality. People can not only see the pictures of the dress but they can also try it on virtually before choosing to buy.

This helps people quickly decide is the dress is going to look good on them or not. Many stores have set up virtual fitting rooms which allow people to see how the dress would look just by standing in front of the screen. Furniture giant IKEA has launched an app that allows people to visualize how certain furniture would look like in their homes. These examples show how AI can be in marketing products and services. It is understandable that people have gotten bored of the same old buying process and they’re looking for something new. Something new is exactly what AI offers. Experiences that are both unique and enjoyable.

Enhanced advertising

Any advertising campaign’s success depends on the targeting. If done right, it can yield amazing results and if an advertiser fails to get the targeting right, it can result in loss of revenue and no return. AI brings better targeting capabilities by collecting, sorting, and analyzing huge chunks of data that are not humanly possible.

This means that marketers get hold of quantifiable data that reflects user behavior, buying preferences, and intent. This allows marketers to get the best possible results from their advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, AI enables marketers to design and launch innovative ad campaigns involving virtual reality and augmented reality. These innovative ads yield much better results as compared to traditional advertising campaigns.

AI-powered website development

AI-powered web development is still in its early stages but is showing amazing prospects. What we are basically talking about is taking away all the labor of web development and building a website using AI. AI basically advises you on the design, color theme, and sections depending on your category and content.

That means all you’ve got to work on is the website’s content. This makes it extremely easy to get a website ready in no time. Moreover, AI suggests website designs based on the user’s preferences and needs. This means it would tell you exactly what your potential customers are looking for when they land on your website.

This is a huge help in terms of marketing because this is exactly what you want, giving your customers what they are looking for. This increases the chances of them converting and becoming your long-term clients.

Some of the best AI-powered web development tools include The Grid, FireDrop, and Wix. Again, it is still in its early stages it would definitely improve in the next few years and we are looking at complete AI-powered web development with no human input required.

Well, there you have it. I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. Do share your feedback in the comment section and reach out to me if you have any questions about digital marketing and advertising.

If you have a business that you want to market using digital platforms, reach out to Prism Digital, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai and our marketing experts would help you create and execute marketing strategies that would take your business to new heights. Will see you on the other site. Thank you.

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