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Why Do You Need An International SEO Agency For Your Brand

: 04th Jul 2021         : Lovetto Nazareth

Achieving Brand Success with an International SEO Agency

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International search is dynamic and tricky. If you want to take your brand to global markets, you’re definitely going to need an international SEO agency with expertise in international SEO.
Agencies undoubtedly provide a lot of value by providing particular expertise and experience in international SEO, but they can also be expensive. You want to be certain that you're getting the most bang for your buck.
This blog will explore practical ways to get the most out of agencies and other international SEO channels.

Why is international SEO so challenging?

Just like every other aspect of Digital Marketing, International SEO has not set criteria or blueprint for success. The closest thing to that is a bunch of best practices identified by SEO experts.
First and foremost, SEO is not as easy as it seems. It involves numerous tricky characteristics. When it comes to International SEO, as mentioned earlier, it is multi-disciplinary and complicated. This is why brands need the support of an agency with expertise in International SEO.
Today, we see a lot of ‘make it happen’ and ‘quick’ approaches. While it is understandable from the brand’s perspective, it can safely be said that there is no shortcut or a quick way to SEO.
Moreover, SEO agencies are sometimes not up to the standard which makes it even harder to achieve goals. It is especially getting harder and harder because of increasing competition and market saturation.

1. Technical SEO is tough

It all starts with technical SEO. It varies from region to region and requirements vary depending on the geographical locations. Google indeed holds global supremacy however, there are regions where Google is not the dominant search engine. China, where Baidu reigns supreme, or Russia, where Yandex rules. It's Naver in Korea. It's Google with a Yahoo twist in Japan. It is a sea of knowledge that an agency has to have to be able to effectively implement SEO strategies that work.
Even if the leading search engine in an area isn't taken into account, worldwide firms who wish to track sitemaps and indexation data by region can do so. Creating several Google Search Console (or select your flavor by country) accounts and rolling them up into a common view, then utilizing a third-party solution on top of it for crawls and deeper insights, is usually the way to go.

 Best Practices For International SEO infographic

2. Content Requirements for International SEO are Different.

When we look at content requirements for international SEO, the primary factors are translation, localization, keyword research in local languages, keeping local dialects in check, and much more. Consumer behaviors and habits also vary in different parts of the world.
This effort must correctly drive content strategy decisions, which, if done well, should focus on relevant on-page signals and messages that guide customers and prospects along the conversion funnel.

3. Paid Search Issues

For paid search, not only does keyword research need to be spot on and in accordance with the previous requirements but bid strategies and negative matches also need to keep a tight grip on ad spend so that CPCs don't rise too quickly due to a lack of ongoing control.
Landing pages must keep country-specific and regional behaviors in check and have to be fast enough to deliver optimum results.It is simply too much for any in-house team to manage and is even hard for agencies.

4. Footprints Around the Globe

Agencies usually have a presence in different regions of the world, with acquisitions and partnerships with the best tech providers and an array of clients. Being affiliated with partners around the world, agencies have a unique advantage and are more effective because of their holistic approaches. SEO Agencies are more focused on complex SEO with a capability to execute.

Factors to Consider While Engaging with an International SEO Agency

So, what should an internal team do? When you need an SEO agency, I propose that you read through the following set of criteria in considerable detail:

A. Does the agency you want to engage with have global case studies?

You should look for agencies having prior experience with international clients. Ideally, prior or existing clients in the region that you want to focus on. You can even communicate with some of the agency’s existing or former clients to get a better idea.

B. Who are the primary stakeholders in the regions that you want to focus on?

See if you can get to know the key partners who are doing the groundwork. Better if you can meet them and discuss it out.

C. Where is the agency based?

Understand where the agency is operating from and if their offices are accessible. See if you can meet the person who is in charge of the operations.

D. Who are you in contact with?

You should get to know the person who is handling your account. It is important for you to understand that person and that you are happy with their work ethic. This is the key because you are going to be in constant communication with this person.
It is a complicated topic, and much can be written about it. Bottom line is that it is not easy to figure out the best international SEO agency that is best suited for your brand. It’s definitely a lot of work. So, the best way forward is to talk to your partners and stakeholders. Communicate with the agency and their clients to get the best perspective.

How to Work with an SEO Agency?

SEO agencies function as an extension of your in-house marketing department. That is why there has to be a process to it with set KPIs and tasks. This will ensure smooth workflow and ensure that the targets are being met.
Here are a few steps you should take to prepare your team to work with an agency:

1. Prepare the in-house team.

Before you take an SEO agency on board, make sure all of your company's key teams are on the same page.Explain why your firm needs to engage SEO experts and how working with them will benefit your organization.

2. Discovery Session

Whenever a company decides to work with an international SEO agency, the KPIs are usually quite clear for example to rank higher on certain keywords, generate traffic, or drive sales. However, it is not that simple. Companies have unique needs and so the strategies differ. Strategies that worked for one company might not work for yours. As a result, take the time to tell an agency you want to work with all there is to know about your company in terms of SEO. This allows them to create personalized strategies and plans that are specific to your objectives. Most SEO companies require this information upfront.

3. Research

Keep an eye out for what an SEO firm does once you've shared your organization's position, objectives, and goals with them. Top SEO companies’ research, drawing on the information you provided to put your company position in context.This aligns them with your company's mission, target audience, business goals, and competitors.
They generally advise companieson what has to be done after this study to obtain the best outcomes. They can offer you this advice in the form of an email report or take you through it over the phone.

4. Contract

If working with you appears like a good match after follow-up talks, expect to get a contract with deliverables from an SEO consultancy.
It's ideal to distribute this contract to everyone on your team who needs to know about it, especially those who work directly with the agency. Read the contract's terms and conditions all the way through.

Onboarding and Scoping

Your SEO agency would need access to some of your assets such as website or blog passwords, analytics logins, etc. The scope of your project, delivery timeframes, communication routes, and an understanding of how both parties handle your project are all determined and discussed during this onboarding session.
Keeping everything transparent and deliverables clear, following this process will help you reach your objectives fast and ensure success.
This is it for today’s blog. I hope you’ve gained some significant insights about International SEO and how to engage with an international SEO company. If you have any queries or comments, reach out to me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to take your brand to global markets, contact Prism, the best SEO company in Dubai and we will do the rest. Thank you and Goodbye.

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