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6 Creative Ways of B2B Lead Generation

: 12th Jul 2021         : Lovetto Nazareth

6 Unique Ways of Generating Qualified B2B Leads

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Lead generation has always been a primary concern for businesses and Marketers have tried numerous ways to generate qualified leads. However, we all can agree that a few conventional ways have been exploited to death. It is high time we think out of the box and figure out some creative ways to approach lead generation unconventionally. This blog will highlight 6unconventional B2B lead generation strategies to generate unlimited qualified leads.
Firstly, you have to understand that The lead generation process is not simple and straightforward. One strategy might work for everyone but not you. So, you have to A/B test your strategies as well as your content in order to figure out what works best for your business.
Let’s get into it.

1. Tailor Content for B2B Leads

When you are creating content to attract businesses, you have to make sure that you create agency-focused and brand cantered content to attract that set of audience. If your content is making the eyeballs roll but they are not converting, this means that your content strategy needs to change.
You will need to consider two things while creating content to generate B2B leads. One is Buyer Personas, and the other is Search Intent. Let’s talk about these one by one.

A. Buyer Personas

You have to create audience personas to help you envision your clients better. While devising content strategy, don’t look to target the company but target the decision-makers in that company. Every company has people who decide which products and services to choose. You can use these indicators to build a buyer’s persona and to understand the people who would need your services or product in the companies.

a. Age

b. Location

c. Job title

d. Level in company

e. Preferred content channels

f. Desired goals

g. Pain points

Creating a flowchart using these indicators would allow you to tailor your content better and also which channels to use in order to reach those people.

B. Search Intent

Determining the search intent is the next step in creating a content strategy. This process can take three forms to be specific.

1. Searching for information

2. Searching to learn

3. Searching to buy

Extensive research needs to be done before creating content. A quick tip is to check out Google’s ‘People also ask’ section. This section usually has the most used search terms and queries. Add those to your content strategy.
Use keywords and phrases that are relevant to your target audience, not just because they are popular. Popular searches in your sector are more likely to attract B2C customers, whereas targeted keywords with a greater value but lower search volume are more likely to attract B2B customers.

2. Use B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing has a greater click-through rate than B2C email marketing, and roughly 59% of B2B marketers use this channel. If done correctly, this is a channel that may regularly provide B2B leads. To make email marketing an effective sales lead generation technique, keep a few things in mind.

Automate Your Email Marketing

Automating the process has many advantages including smooth workflow, fast processing time, and eradication of repetitive tasks. Apart from these, automation of email marketing also allows you to generate more leads. You can segment email lists, start targeted campaigns, respond quickly to the abandoned purchases, and convert easily.
Consider the following scenario: a client reaches the last stage of purchase but exits your site before completing the transaction. It's up to your firm to persuade the consumer to complete the transaction, whether they were distracted, lost connectivity, or changed their mind.
If it is left to be dealt with manually, this client could simply fall off because the contact was made way after they’d decided to use another brand. B2B Lead generation companies in Dubai and around the world advocate automation of the lead generation process because it is sure to yield better results. Automation allows you to reach out to people at the right time without any delay, which results in better results.

Email Deliverability

It's one thing to automate emails; but are your customers getting the emails you are sending out? Even if you generate the finest content in your business, if your newsletters wind up in the spam bin, it won't matter. Here are a few best practices for better email deliverability.

➣Emails sent with a corporate name rather than a person's name are more likely to be filtered as spam or never opened. Send emails to a specific person's address, including a reply-to option to that address.

➣Change the frequency of your email campaigns only once in a while. There will be times when you send more emails than others but try to be as regular as possible so that your subscribers know when to anticipate them.

➣Check and clean your lists on a regular basis to avoid sending emails to addresses that are no longer valid and increasing your bounce rates.

Email Content

Keep these key aspects in mind when you create your email content because, at the end of the day, it's your email content that will generate B2B leads.

➣The content you create should be in line with your company's brand values. Send emails about your newest blog articles, goods, services, events, and industry news.

➣Make your marketing communications seem consistent by incorporating branding components like your logo, brand colors, and typefaces.

➣Don't try to persuade people to buy! People will unsubscribe if every email is a sales pitch to your list.

➣Try and make it valuable to the people who open your emails by sharing some worthy updates and industry-specific information.


Conferences and events have traditionally been an excellent location to make prospective B2B sales because of so many like-minded people getting together. You can even go for a hybrid event. Hybrid events can prove to be more effective because it combines online and offline presence as well which allows access to more people.
You can use three ways to get B2B leads from hybrid events:

a. Attending the event

You as a marketer should attend more industry-relevant events because it gives greater access to potential clients.

b. Participating in events

You should always look out for speaking opportunities at the events. This would place your business as a leader in the industry, eventually giving you more leads.

c. Hold events

Attending events is one thing, but holding your own events gives you a great opportunity to gather relevant people and build a report. This will definitely give you more exposure and better opportunities. Even though events might be a lot of effort, the potential for generating leads, converting customers, and increasing ROI makes it worthwhile.

Lead Generation Infographics

3. Personalize B2B sales content

Personalization is an important element of any content marketing strategy, especially when it comes to generating B2B sales leads. Personal ties, not simply transactional ones, are necessary in the B2B world.
The reason is that your relationship with every client is not just about getting a customer but also retaining one with potential referrals as well.

There are three ways of personalization:

Presentations Social media
1) Presentations

Designing a presentation that combines both your and your client's branding may help you start developing customer connections early in the lead-generating process.
Talk on topics that matter to your client during the pitch meeting; don't focus too much on what your company can accomplish until you're talking about the solutions you can give.
Be specific in your pitch by including buyer intent keywords that are relevant to your potential client and their industry.Do your homework so you can demonstrate not just how educated you are about their firm, but also that you are looking forward to working with them in the future.

2) Social Media

Personalize your social media outreach to take it a step further. Long thought to be the domain of B2C lead generation, social media offers benefits in the B2B arena as well. It has already been mentioned how critical it is to identify decision-makers within target organizations. The majority of these decision-makers will be active on social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.
Work on your company’s social media to portray your company’s ethos and not just the company’s official channels but also on your staff’s professional profiles. Try to exhibit some personality on all the channels but don’t follow one strategy for all the social media channels. Tailor your content for different channels by figuring out what works best.

4. Referral Marketing

Some people think that referral marketing works only for B2C but it’s just a myth. Referral marketing is one of the most effective tools for generating B2B leads as well. Everybody trusts referrals from influential people pays heed to advice from friends, clients, and experts.
When it comes to B2B, we all know that it can involve transactions of millions of dollars, referrals from credible sources along with strong reviews can make a huge difference. Referrals also lead to loyal clients with greater retention rates. Moreover, it also increases a company’s organic reach because your loyal clients also act as your company’s ambassadors.

➣ Here are a few ways of getting more referrals:

➣ Offer discounts, free training sessions, and event invites as incentives to your clients.

➣ Obtain feedback from a variety of consumers.

➣ Send surveys on a regular basis, with a small gap between them.

➣ Customers are more likely to reply if your surveys are brief and precise.

➣ Ask consumers to explain their scores in follow-up inquiries.

➣ Get written reviews and testimonials.

➣ Create case studies.

➣ Release case studies with quotes from clients.

➣ Offer share-worthy content to your clients.

Referral marketing is surely an effective way to generate more B2B leads, however, you will have to somehow incentivize the process to get better results.

5. Repurpose your content

We all agree that the process of creating new content is hectic and it takes a lot of time. There is another way to skip this hassle and that is to repurpose your old content.Using your old content in a newer and better way is a tricky task but once you get a hold of it, it is sure to bring in better results.
Here are a few simple ways of repurposing your content:

➣ Create data visualizations for social media using quotations and statistics from your articles.

➣ Make an infographic out of a blog post.

➣ Use infographics on social media and in newsletters.

➣ To post on social media, divide an infographic into smaller visuals.

➣ Listicles can also be turned into social media carousel postings.

➣ Make email headers out of social media posts.

➣ Make a white paper or eBook out of several blog articles on the same topic.

➣ Create a webinar using an eBook as the foundation.

➣ Make small YouTube videos out of a lengthier e-seminar.

➣ GIFs may be made from videos and shared on social media.

These are a few tried and tested ways of repurposing old marketing content and using it.

6. Create gated content

eBooks and webinars are all excellent examples of gated material that have been used effectively by marketers. Here are a few ways of creating gated content that works best:

➣ Address the concerns of your potential clients early on.

➣ Use calls-to-action for gated material in relevant blog entries to solve their concerns.

➣ Use more images than words to avoid making clients work too hard.

➣ Give them sneak peeks of your material.

➣ Inform, motivate, educate, and personalize your message.

The gated content you create should focus on adding value to the ones who sign up for it, so it is best to use long-form content for this B2B marketing strategy.
A key takeaway for you is to focus on the influential people rather than the company you are targeting for B2B lead generation. This will open newer and better ways for you to approach the whole process and be proactive. Make sure that the leads you are getting are being handled by your sales team properly and your automation process is working perfectly. This will ensure that you keep getting authentic leads and clients.
This is it for today’s blog. Do share your feedback and try out these strategies. If you have any questions or comments, reach out to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are struggling to get leads for your business, get in touch with Prism Digital, the Best Lead Generation Agency in Dubai. We will take care of leads so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Thank you and goodbye.

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