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6 Effective Ways to Increase Traffic to a New Website in 2021

: 01st Apr 2021         : Lovetto Nazareth

6 Effective Ways to Increase Traffic to a New Website in 2021

Some key SEO tactics for ranking newer website put together by SEO Experts in Dubai.
This blog explains in detail some of the most effective ways of bringing traffic to your newly made website used by the best SEO agencies in Dubai.

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No matter if you are running a brick and mortar or an online business, having a quality website has become a necessity for anyone and everyone. A website is much more than just a place where people can find information about your business, it is in fact the face of your business. People tend to correlate a company’s stature with the standard of its website.
Moreover, a website is a significant way of marketing your business. There are endless ways to attract and acquire newer customers but having an enthralling website is surely the best of them all. If you haven’t been focusing on your website lately, you must have been missing out on a lot of opportunities.
Now, let’s say that you’ve understood the potential and you have built an amazing website for your business. Do you think that your work is done? Far from it actually. Your work has just begun! The fact of the matter is that creating a website isn’t the hardest part, finding an online audience for it is!
Competition has never been more ruthless and digital marketers are finding it arduous to rank newer websites. If you are just starting off, brace yourself because climbing up to ranking is a bumpy road.
However, there are some ways to tackle this tedious task and I am here to assist you with it. If you have just created a new website or are generally looking for ways to attract traffic to your website, this blog has all the answers!
Given below are some of the most effective ways of bringing traffic to your newly made website:

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1. Collaboration With Other Content Creators

Starting a business is indeed strenuous and comes with challenges.The most crucial being finding your customers and the initial traffic. Whenever you start a business, online or offline, your connections and links are what bring in your starting traffic.
You can apply the same method here.Partnering with other content creators will give you a headstart by bringing in some initial traffic to your website. It is a proven way of gaining and increasing traffic effectively.

➣ How to collaborate with other content creators?

Collaborating with content creators might sound tricky but the truth is that it is a lot easier than you think. You will have to find other people creating similar content and if you already know a few of them then contact those and figure out how to effectively cooperate.
You can partner with your fellow content creators through a joint podcast or webinar, an interview, or a round-up post. There are numerous creative ways to start joint ventures and this will help you attract people who are already interested in their content.
When you partner with someone having similar interests, you are eventually delivering your content to their audience. By doing so, you are nearly doubling your reach, ultimately increasing your website traffic.

2. Using Interviews and Roundup Posts

You all are aware of what an interview is but you might not be familiar with the term round-up post. These are basically the posts that contain aggregated content or expert opinions from a niche. Roundup posts are of two types: expert and content roundup posts.
Content roundup posts are actually the curation of the top content of the week, month, or your own blogs in which you are linking out to authority sites. These posts are relatively shorter and less valuable on their own. However, the benefit of a content roundup is that it can be repeated indefinitely by setting up a theme and format and run it with that format on a monthly or weekly basis for as long as you want.
Expert roundup posts are the ones that directly engage experts in a niche to get their direct contribution, opinions, and thoughts. These posts are easier to write and are huge traffic drivers.

➣ How to increase traffic through expert roundups and interviews?

When you interview someone or consider them for an expert roundup, they usually get flattered. Now what happens is, when that particular interview or post goes live, the expert that you invited usually shares that they were a part of it, on their social media platforms.
Even if they don’t do it themselves, there is no harm in asking them and taking a chance. Once they share the link along with the mention on their post, it attracts a significant amount of people to your website.
The reason is that when people stumble upon some valuable content, they tend to explore more about the creators and eventually end up following them. This tactic is considered one of the most effective, quick, and economical means of driving traffic to your website.
If you are just getting started with your website, you should definitely try out expert roundups and interviews. Once you have established a significant audience, then you can move to podcasts and webinars because only then will you have something to offer to your fellow content creators in the partnership.
Once you have built an audience, collaborating with other creators will be beneficial for both parties because they’ll have something to benefit from as well. It will make things easier for you.

3. Giveaways, Promotions, and Contests

Everybody loves free stuff. There will hardly be anyone who wouldn’t like to benefit from a situation or get free stuff. Now, when you are a content creator, you are always looking for creative, more engaging ways to attract the audience.
Imagine a situation where somebody offers you content already made, that is perfect for your audience and that too, for free if you promote it. Would you say no to it? I guess not. This is exactly what you need to be doing when you have just started out with your business.
Collaborate with other business owners and host a contest or a giveaway for your audience. Not only will giveaways attract the attention of your current audience but when the word spreads out, it will also bring in newer prospects.
An additional benefit you can get from these giveaways is to collect email addresses. You can generate and build an email list by keeping it as an entry token for the giveaway. This will help gather potential customers for future promotions and updates.
Similarly, you can engage people in different contests. For example, you can add additional guidelines to them such as tagging a certain number of more people in a specific post or you can even ask them to mention your product or website on their stories in order to win a gift, etc. Try out these techniques and you’ll get more benefits than you have ever imagined.

4. Use push notifications

One of the easier ways to increase traffic is by using push notifications. If a user comes to your website and bounces back, chances are that they are not going to come back. Now you need to find a non-invasive way to remind them about your business so that they revisit your website for your services. This is where push notifications come in.
Push notifications provide an opportunity for your audience to opt-in to receive notifications from your business. It is an easy way of having access to your potential clients and it acts as a normal notification for your new releases as well.
However, there is one downside to it. As push notifications are enabled through the browser, the notifications will not appear until the browser is open. Nonetheless, it is an efficient, less invasive way to reach your audience.

You can also increase website traffic through paid advertising. It might sound costly but it isn’t as costly as you might think. You don’t need to invest all of your monetary resources to get success through paid advertising. It can surely yield quicker results as compared to other ways.
If you have a huge budget, it is unarguably the best option for your business. To make sure that your investments are being utilized properly, you can opt to hire an SEO agency. There are many SEO companies in Dubai and around the world, equipped with resources to get websites and online businesses off the ground.
Not all of the paid traffic is certainly going to turn into sales. What you can do to get the maximum out of this situation is that you can try to engage the coming traffic with different subscriptions that will get you their information.
Once you have the information, you can send them future updates and promotional content from your website. This will increase the possibility of them making a purchase.

6. Utilize Guest Posting

Guest posting is a practice of writing content and posting it on third-party websites. Now you might be wondering, why would you write content for other websites? What this does is that it allows you to embed links in the content leading back to your website.
These links will direct visitors from that website to yours eventually increasing your traffic. Moreover, it is a perfect way to increase your website's authority. Having backlinks from websites with good DA/PA will help your website rank well.
It is a time taking process indeed. You can start by reaching out to popular guest contributors on other blogs. Give regular feedback on their posts, topic ideas, or anything useful regarding their content. Then you can ask them to introduce you to the editor of the site they have been working with. The chances of success are more as you will be introduced to the editor by someone that the editor already trusts and has worked with.
Guest posting allows you to show off your writing abilities to an audience that you didn’t have access to before. The more guest posting you will do, the more people you will reach, and the more your website will be visited, leading to a promising new audience.
Mentioned above were some of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your newly created website. These methods included partnering with people which will give you access to other content creator's audiences. Then there was the giveaway and contest option. It is known to boost engagement and following at the same time. Then we had push notifications created solely to get access to your audience in a non-invasive way. Then there is always an option of paid advertising which you can do on your own or hire a professional to get the best out of your investment.
Indeed, it is a hefty task to rank a new website. I hope that these practices will assist you in achieving this task. However, if it is too complicated for you, SEO agencies can assist you in this regard so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
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This is if for today’s post. I hope that you enjoyed reading it and that you have learned a thing or two about ranking your website. Do share your feedback with me and share it with others as well. If you have any questions about Search Engine Optimization, write to me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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