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5-key strategies or telecom lead generation

: 15th Apr 2021         : Lovetto Nazareth

5 Key Strategies to Level Up Your Telecom Lead Generation

Strategies compiled by lead generation experts to increase the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts.

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With the world evolving and people switching progressively towards online sources for their guidance and information, it has become more crucial than ever for telecom companies to step up their game. The abundance of online information and obligations due to the pandemic has spawned the “self-directed buyer”.
People tend to research online instead of actually going down to the market to search for their desired product. So, it is the need of time that telemarketers like you should start focusing on your marketing strategies to drive as much leads to your page as possible.
The primal factor responsible for a more thriving and successful online presence of your business is lead generation. It is the main objective for any business to attract good leads to your product or service. A lead is any person or company interested in your product or services and the overall process of attracting those prospects and converting them to your customers is what lead generation is all about.
According to a survey, a shocking percentage of 61% of marketers claim that lead generation is the most challenging and technical part of their work. But once you have found the right strategies and tactics which fit well for your business, you are fast on your way to generating leads for your business.
The strategies might be different for different businesses and what works for one might not be as effective for the other but what remains constant in all of them is that they should be tactful, measurable, and supportive of other telecom marketing initiatives.
Here is a list of the latest tricks and tips for you to try for marketing your business better:

1. Use content marketing to attract leads

Content marketing is a very reliable and one of the most effective lead generation services provided and recommended by the lead generation companies as a part of your primal lead generation marketing strategy.
This tactic provides information and answers any queries that the prospective client might have about your product and service and that too, for free. Now you might be wondering how does it help you in lead generation? The answer is simple.
You provide free information to your audience but with an additional step where it asks the viewer or reader to sign in to gain access to the content. This helps you gather information about your prospective client and once they provide the asked information, they are part of the sales funnel and are the future potential client for your product or services.
Many different content forms can be used to increase audience engagement on your website. The more audience engagement, the more chances of lead generation. The content can be in the form of an ebook, whitepaper, checklist, blogs, videos, podcasts, or guides. All of these important during different stages of the buyer journey.
For instance, during the consideration and intent stage, ebooks and whitepapers are more appreciated by the buyer community as they are detailed and more in-depth whereas, checklists are encouraged for the interest and awareness stages of the buyer’s journey.

➣ How to make your content more impactful and engaging?

Firstly, to make your content more impactful, you can organize your content in a variety of formats. It helps you get the attention of the users who enjoy consuming content in a different form. It also helps you understand which content is more popular among your readers and you can focus on that particular format of content.
Your prime focus should be your industry-related topics. As fascinating as keeping your website updated with the trending and popular topics may sound, it will not drive the right audience if those topics are not relevant to your niche. Having industry-specific content helps you drive qualified leads to your business.
A content calendar helps you keep track of when your content is created, edited and, published. It is a critical part of content marketing strategy which helps you post content consistently. Consistent and timely posting of the content helps drive leads to your business.

Top 5 Key Lead Generation Stats for Telcom Infographic
2. Host a webinar

As long as you are issuing valuable information to the audience, webinars are the best tools to provide expertise to your viewers during the intent and consideration stages of the buyer's journey. Nobody is going to waste 40-45 minutes from their busy schedule to listen to someone talking about their company or their aims.
Your webinar should contain expert advice regarding your field, insight into recent technology news, or anything beneficial to the viewer. Otherwise, the viewer will soon lose interest and leave the webinar. A webinar is an efficient tool for lead generation if managed properly. Your webinar should have all the key components needed to maximize engagement and lead generation. A great webinar should have a knowledgeable speaker, a relevant trending topic for the target audience, and a recording to refer back to when needed.
After the webinar is over, there should be a survey to get feedback from the audience for pointing out the flaws and shortcomings which need to be taken care of in future events.

3. Create customer case studies

Case studies are actually success stories showcasing your company's services and dedication in solving problems and contributing to other company's success. Not only does it help in building trust and demonstrating authority but also allows the reader to consider association with your company.
There is no limit to how long the case study should be and the length does not matter as long as it clearly demonstrates the problem, the need and the solution presented by your company, and how it worked out for them.
Case studies are majorly designed for the evaluation stage of the buyer’s journey. These case studies help readers get an idea of how your company works and in which field they specialize and whether or not the company is suited for your purpose. It helps the user in making an informed decision.

4. Show remarketing ads to your web visitors

Remarketing ads is the perfect way of converting prospects. It helps you connect with people who have already visited your website. Survey shows that a person visits a site multiple times before converting and remarketing helps to remind them of your business.
When someone visits your website, their browser gets tagged. It helps show appropriate ads best suited to their interests. When a viewer first visits your website, he is in the awareness and interest stage of the buyer’s journey. These constant ad reminders help to move to the consideration stage.
While designing these ads, make sure you are aware of the interests of your target audience. Know what will trigger your audience and help to convert them into a lead. Also, make sure that your ad is visually appealing so much so it entices the viewer to click on it. if videos are involved, make sure those videos are of high quality. You should be aware of the risks of ad fatigue. Know that your clicks and conversions decrease as your ad frequency increases. Keep a check on ad engagement and act accordingly.
If you refer to a lead generation company or a lead generation agency regarding this aspect, remarketing ads will be in the primal paid tactic used to drive leads to your business. When managed wisely, it leads to a very profitable ROI.

5. Referral marketing programs

It is the most genius lead generation solution there is! This tactic helps you gain leads through your current customers. Recommendations have always been the top marketing strategy for any new or existing business. When someone refers you to someone that means they have tried out your services and are satisfied with it. this helps the prospect in building trust and confidence in your business and services.
Referral marketing, when done right, yields the most promising results. You ask your existing clients to refer you to anyone they know would be interested in your services through email or social media marketing and if they are interested, they can contact you through your online platforms or website.
As promising as this tactic is, it needs time and careful planning for it to be successful. You need to motivate your currents customers to maximize their participation. You need to have a valuable and sensible incentive for this strategy to work. This incentive can be for the existing customer only or for both parties i.e. the current customer and those who have been referred. The latter is known to work the best.
When you have your customers involved in your marketing strategy, you will have to make sure it is convenient and less time-taking. Your current customers are more likely to participate if the process is easy.
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➣ How to make the referring process convenient for your customers?

Management is the key when convenience and efficiency are in question. To make this experience convenient for your customer, you can create dedicated pages on your website solely for this purpose. It can be a form to be filled out directly by your subscriber or an information panel asking for names and emails of the users.
Lastly, make sure to appreciate the participation of your customers and clients in the referrals. The appreciation encourages the participation of more customers and compels them to continue recommending your business and services to others, whether it is incentivized or not.
Planning and strategizing are really important when it comes to lead generation. You need to analyze your business, the needs of your target audience and come up with a plan that is in the best interests of your customers and your business. Not every lead generation strategy brings in the same result for all companies. It varies from business to business depending on the company’s area of expertise. You just need to focus and invest your time and money wisely.
This is all for today. I hope you liked reading today’s blog. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments. If you have any queries, write to me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.

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