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17 Unique Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Social media

: 29th Apr 2021         : Lovetto Nazareth

Creative Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Social?

A cheat sheet compiled by social media experts for exponential growth on social media platforms.

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The fact of the matter is that with the increasing competition nowadays and the dire need to keep up with the trends, it is almost impossible for your newly launched business to have the desired reputable image in the market without a solid social media marketing strategy.
Ever since social media came along, social media management services have become an obligatory part of the marketing world. These platforms enable you to engage with your clients, raise brand awareness, and increase leads and sales.
Not convinced yet? These statistics will surely change your mind about social media marketing and its importance for your brand. 52% of the marketers believe that social media affects their company's revenue and sales in a more positive way than any other platform. That is primarily because social media has a huge audience.
Around 3 billion people use social media for entertainment and various purposes and with every passing day, the engagement on these platforms keeps increasing, ensuring a bigger audience for your brand. The key metrics for any company or business are engagement and conversion rate and social media guarantees exactly that. It has proved effective for many businesses so much so that 80% of businesses have switched to social media as their primary marketing strategies.
Owing to its economic benefits and wieldiness, we can safely say that social media is the most effective marketing strategy for your brand. But it is definitely harder than it seems. You need to make sure that your content is better than your competitors and you are aware of all the newer social media trends if you want to keep up with the ever-evolving world of marketing.
Here are a few creative ideas to help you attract and impress more prospects into becoming your leads

1. Run a contest or a giveaway

Who does not like free stuff? No one can ever resist the opportunity of getting free stuff. Running contests and giveaways from time to time ensures maximum engagement. It is one of the most impactful ways of getting potential clients to your page.
According to Tailwind results, 91 percent of Instagram posts with over 1,000 likes or comments are contest-based. Accounts that run competitions daily, on the other hand, are said to rise 70% faster than those that do not.

How can I arrange a contest or a giveaway?

It is not hard as it requires only a few steps and careful Implementation, and you are good to go!

Something to give away : Your main goal here is to attract prospective clients and not freebie-seekers so you need to make sure that the prize is brand-related. It can be your free products or membership, whatever fits best for your business. But it should be something that secures more lead for your business.

Terms and conditions : Setting terms and conditions help you in two ways. Firstly, it ensures the legitimacy of the giveaway that leads your followers to trust your giveaway and ensures them that it is not a scam. Secondly, it serves the legal purpose of the contest.

A point of contact: Make sure to provide some kind of contact information like a phone number or email address. It will provide easy access to you whenever your followers need to ask something or want to contact you generally.

A creative way to enter: This part serves the purpose of this contest, which is, brand awareness. Come up with a creative idea to enter the competition that will increase your online presence and will introduce your brand to more new prospects.
You can ask the participant to mention their friends in the story, like or follow a certain post, mention your brand on their stories, etc. you can also ask them to use a specific hashtag. Basically, any way that can highlight your online presence can be set as the medium for entering the contest. It will lead to more active engagement as well as brand awareness for your business.
Running a contest is the easiest way of enhancing engagement and you only need to do it on a need-basis. Whenever you feel that your business needs hype, announce a giveaway

17 Unique Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Social media nfographic

2. Create a daily, weekly, or monthly series

Want to make your social media feed sound more like a party than a collection of random posts? Initiate a series on which you can connect with your fans and supporters daily. You will create a habit in your audience to look forward to seeing specific content from your brand by consistently delivering relevant content. It will assist you in establishing a personal bond with your audience while still keeping you engaged in terms of content distribution.

3. Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything)

An AMA (ask me anything) series, which is popular on Reddit, is a great way to educate and engage your followers. AMAs are simply Q&A sessions in which you can express your insights, thoughts, and perspectives.
If you've faced obstacles or have clout in your field, you're probably eligible to host an AMA. These workshops can be engaging with both viewers and advertisers, ranging from discussing success experiences to personal challenges.

➣ Where and how to conduct an AMA?

You can create an Ask Me Something session on various social media sites in a variety of ways. On Instagram, you can use the AMA sticker and share it in your post. You can easily tweet about it and generate a specific hashtag for it on Twitter.

➣ What benefits will my brand get from these AMAs?

You increase brand value without being pushy or salesy about it. You gain a better understanding of the audience's concerns and desires. It also acts as a tool to put yourself, the face behind the curtains, in the spotlight once in a while.

4. Conduct a social media takeover

Allowing someone else to take control of your social media feeds can be a good way to breathe new energy into your social feeds. It is a type of influencer marketing and is one of the most successful tactics for brand awareness.
Takeovers give someone else control of your social media pages for some time, normally 24 hours. Giving your social media platform to an influencer or celebrity with a large, engaged following is a great way to bring your company in front of different groups of people while still injecting a new voice into your account when you are running out of options for social media posts. You may even delegate your account to someone else in your business to spice up your feed.
Consider potential takeover candidates, such as business partners and industry relationships. Since the aim of a takeover is to gain attention, choose someone whose audience profile is similar to yours.

5. Share, pin, and retweet

Allow the fans and supporters to speak. Give them a platform to express their views and suggestion about your brand. It helps get the public point of view of your brand.
Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that not all of the content on your social media feed needs to be created by you. In reality, rational thinking teaches us that it should not be. Promoting other related brands, blogs, and images from your fans is a brilliant content idea that demonstrates that you are not just a mouthpiece for your industry but a part of your industry's conversation.
Brands should aim to obey the 80/20 rule of marketing. That is, 80 percent of the content in your streams should be entertaining and engaging, while just 20% should be commercial. This ensures that your feed does not sound like a sales pitch.
Not every social media post concept needs to be complex or in-depth, particularly if you already have a large following. You just need to make sure that the posts are engaging, relevant and help you get more prospects on the page.

6. Create short engaging videos

Video content marketing has been an essential element for modern brands. Sadly, many consider the video investments are too complex and out of their reach. Once you realize that video content receives much more views than video or email, marketers will seriously consider incorporating videos into their social media strategies.
Bite-sized video clips are also a great idea for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook over other content formats. These clips require little editing, can be taken in seconds, and are ideal for sharing. These clips are not only a source of entertainment for the audience but also indicates your input on keeping your audience engaged and entertained.

7. Repurpose your content

Considering how much preparation, commitment, and time it takes to produce every piece of material, is it not smart to squeeze any blog post or video you make as much as possible?
Here is a sobering statistic: Half of all posts on social media get just eight shares or fewer. Sad, isn't it? After all the efforts and time, you put in creating that content and still not getting the deserved recognition and appreciation?
You need to make sure that your content gets all the exposure it needs and is worthy of. To do so, you need to think of alternate ideas for sharing your blog post or video on social media outside the original format for each one you write or film.
Consider what would happen if you repurposed any blog post or video you released. Isn't it true that you would have a sizable backlog of sharable content? Repurposing the content not only gives old or otherwise forgotten posts new meaning but also prevents your fans from being irritated by the same message being posted over and over.

8. Team up with another brand

Co-marketing is a win-win scenario for both sides. Two companies collaborate on a campaign or piece of material, such as a webinar, an ebook, or a promotional offer. Each corporation is shown to the public of the other. Since it is so easy to coordinate your activities, social media is the perfect medium for co-marketing campaign ideas.
Now one thing you need to figure out here is which brands are best to collaborate with. You need to make sure that the brand you are collaborating with is of your niche and is not your competitor. This is the best setting when it comes to co-marketing. Both parties get the benefit without feeling threatened by the partner.

9. Come up with creative content like how-to’s

Your blog entries are not the only source of information for your readers. Though blogs are a helpful way to break down step-by-step guidelines, social media may also be very useful. Buzzfeed creates Instagram videos of delectable meals that are broken down into easy-to-follow stages. Each video is succinct and to the point whilst also being thorough.
When brainstorming tutorial ideas, stick to concepts that can be explained in under a minute. It will be a bonus if your captions explain all your moves concisely.

10. Go Live

Simply put, something is convincing about live streaming. In reality, people watch Facebook Live videos three times longer than they do pre-recorded ones. Marketers like Seth Godin use live streaming to answer questions and inform their followers. Responding to fans in real-time, whether you are vlogging from your car or hosting a Q and A session, creates a more intimate connection for your followers.

11. Give customers the spotlight

Giving your clients a shout-out is a great way to show them how much you value them. Launch a campaign that highlights your consumers instead of just retweeting people who mention your company. For example, you might have a customer of the week initiative that recognizes your most devoted supporters and rewards them with swag or a gift. The more you convince your fans and supporters that you appreciate them, the more likely they are to post your content and support your company on your behalf.

12. Conduct interviews

As an alternative to a conventional Q&A session, social media has made conducting interviews potentially simpler than ever before. Interviewing a specific influencer or expert in your industry through Twitter or Facebook Live is the ideal combination of education and entertainment. On Facebook, services like BeLive make it easy to hold split-screen interviews in real-time.
Social interviews are always casual and spontaneous, allowing you to seem more credible to the audience. You should also transform your social interviews into podcasts, blog posts, and YouTube videos as a bonus.

The greatest social media ideas often strike when you least expect them. Brands will use popular trends on Twitter and Facebook to draw on timely news. While there is only a small window of time for such material to be applicable, topical articles are bound to generate a lot of traffic.
Avoid talking about politics or something else that may be considered critical and contradictory. Dealing with a social media PR nightmare when you were pretending to be funny is the worst.
One of the main advantages of hiring a social media marketing agency like social media management Dubai is that they keep your account updated with all the coming trends. They make sure no opportunity is missed when it comes to going viral on the trends. They will make sure that your audience receives the trendy content timely.

14. Run a social-exclusive deal

Although marketers should avoid inundating their fans with discounts and sales, social networking concepts like Facebook carousel advertising will help you get a financial return on your social media activity. The benefit of running advertisements on social media is that they can be easily tracked. For example, Facebook's ad network gives you a ton of useful information on who is seeing your ads, who is clicking them, and how much those clicks are worth. Meanwhile, using Twitter or Instagram to run exclusive promo codes will help you figure out what proportion of your fans are likely to pay.

15. Respond to your followers

In keeping with the conversational nature of social media, marketers should still be able to respond to their fans. Nothing encourages people to interact with you than the feeling of being valued and gestures reciprocated. The time of your audience is extremely important and taking the time to answer demonstrates that you care. Whether it is encouragement, a consumer question, or just a simple "Hello", your comments will reveal a lot about your business. You cannot afford to be quiet on your followers in an age where social customer service is so important.

16. Share behind the scenes

Brands are fundamentally about consumers. Do not let the personal aspect of your social media feed get lost in the process. Giving your fans a behind-the-scenes look at your business establishes credibility. Taking a photo or video in the workplace often does not have to be difficult

17. Share your accomplishments

Last but not least, marketers must be able to share their accomplishments and achievements with their clients. Have you been included in a significant publication? Achieved a revenue target? Are you ecstatic about a potential hire? Have you finally had the swanky downtown office?
Make sure your followers are aware. Sharing these moments with your audience demonstrates your humanity while still signaling the success of your business. Again, it is not just about "stuff, product, product" in social media. Telling your brand's tale and demonstrating your value based on your achievements will help to solidify your company's standing in the eyes of your target audience.
Why not try any of these social media suggestions if you are tired of sharing the same old content? Brands should never be compelled to produce a certain style of content. Your social feed can never feel like business as normal, especially with so many choices available.
Many social media marketing agencies like the social media marketing Dubai have trained experts that make sure that you are aware of all the up-and-coming trends and are incorporating them into your marketing strategies. This way you do not need to go through the process of constantly checking that what is trending. Hopefully, these ways will prove to be useful for your business.
This is it for today’s blog. If you have any queries feel free to reach out to me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you require social media services for your business, contact Prism, the best social media marketing agency in Dubai and we’ll handle the rest for you.

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