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How to Optimize Content to Rank on Google Discover

: 29th Aug 2021         : Lovetto Nazareth

10 Ways to Optimize Content for Google Discover

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People in the field of digital marketing are well aware of what an SEO content strategy is. It is a process including optimization of a website so that people can easily find it via search engines. However, uprooting the google discover visibility is a different case compared to typical search engine optimization.

Based on the interests, search history, and location of a user, a personalized and more likely feed of contents is automatically designed by Google Discover. In addition to all this, Google Discover has also linked itself with various other applications installed in the same gadget of user and accurately go through their activities to get content based on user’s likability. This feature has successfully been accessed by cell phones with Chrome or Google apps on iOS.

Customization is yet another quality of Google Discover for each and every user. The articles shown in the feed are well customized and make it difficult to monitor their average ranking.These SEO-optimized articles influence the feed positively.

As with all the ways, there also come challenges. One of which can be the traffic from Google Discover. The source of that traffic may be direct, organic, or some other referral sources. As for now, there has been no dedicated referral source in the cave of Google Analytics to see the traffic.

Limitations of collecting data have made marketers think and figure out howto collect useful data and share meaningful Discover Insights.SEO tool providers are working on this limitation on a serious note.

Several documents related to ranking in Google Discover are available on Google. However, the ranking parameters are not precise and trustable. Plus, Google Discover demands highly personalized content for its viewers. This situation has made it hard for SEO professionals to try for what it takes to rank well there.

Key Facts About Google Discover

SEO tools for Google Discover lack not because of lack of interest but because of fewer resources funded in this field of research. Several SEO experts think that Google Discover is not in their domain.

Common thinking is that most sites don’t qualify as publishers and are not eligible. It is exactly the same as before when it used to be super tough for websites to get approved and appear on Google News.

Talking about Google Discover, we can’t move forward without talking about its updates. They impact Discover’s performance strongly. After every core update, you begin to gain or lose traffic. This is where monitoring Google Search Console can help.You have to think of it as an opportunity to gain an immense amount of traffic and not something that is out of bounds.

A well-informed person in the field of content optimization always suggests one to work creatively over Discover SEO strategy compared to one’s regular search engine optimization.This uniqueness must be due to specified methodology and some Important Disclaimers.

SEO companies in Dubai and around the world are putting in efforts to figure out different strategies to rank on Google Discover and leverage this platform.

Optimizing content for Google Discover is itself a vast knowledge with a lot of confusion and ambiguities. Here are some of the tested ways to optimize your content for Google Discover so that you can make the most of it.

1. Attractive headlines

Borderline headings that are emotionally charged and get the reader’s/user’s attention in the blink of an eye are well received and well consumed. The phrases like ‘The Rumor, ’‘A massive step is taken,’ ‘Fans are shocked,’‘ A confirmed rumor,’ ‘Heartbreaking news,' etc., are some phrases that are more likely to get clicks online platform.

Using such exaggerated headlines isconsidered objectionable yet tends to get more popularity, especially on Google Discover.

2. Headlines posing as questions

It’s a cheeky rick where headlines are supposed to be questions, and the content is given as the exact answer to that question. This technique stuns the audience, and they feel smart by knowing the question and its answer simultaneously.

Itgets a strong CTR(Click Through Rates) in Google Discover. It may include phrases like; ' Did __say__?’, 'Answering__?’ etc.

3. Use evergreen topics for different kinds of content

The shining moonlight for Google Discover is their evergreen news topics, including Top Stories, etc. Through this tactic, the sites that usually don’t publish new content regularly are given a huge opportunity.

4. Effective content for Discover and Search

Sometimes, the content that appears to be working well for Discover may not work all well in typical Google Search. However, it’s not always the case. Sometimes, content that works well on Google Discover also does pretty well on search as well.

Yet, it must be acknowledged that Google Discover and Google Search meet different criteria and strategies to rank your content. Both have different ranking criteria that need to be followed in order to get ranked.

5. Clear sourcing

Content must be gathered from trusted websites, e-books, web page SEOs, or other sources. These sources must be cited properly in your writing to gain the trust of the readers. The content presentation also plays a key role in making people trust what they are reading.

Grammar and styling must also be checked properly. This criterion is hence proved to be more effective to rank on Google Discover. Authentic sources play a vital role in the authority of your content for Google Discover.

6. Beliefs and views must be kept consistent for users

It has been observed that all the top-performing content available on Google Discover is more considerate towards the political and social beliefs of the readers. It indulges them in a serious and conflicting debate of what is better than what and that is eventually twisted and molded into questions like ‘who is better than who?’.

People relaxing behind screens love to be a part of such delicate disputes and it eventually increases the click-through rate of your content of Google Discover.

7. Google Discover topics must be more powerful than the Search

It is especially difficult to rank on Google Discover because the topics that get ranked are not always what users are looking for, but instead, the topics are suggested to people depending on their interests and users might not even know that they actually are looking for your content.

However, SEO is all about analyzing what topics the users are searching for and optimizing for those topics. Google Discover is unique in this sense.

8. Death, marriage, divorce

Such hot topics get attention in fractions of a second. These are the topics that tend to generate empathy, drama, or some sort of controversy, all of which do well in Google Discover.

These are just some examples to give you an idea of the sort of content you should be looking for and the way you should be arranging and presenting your content.

9. Celebrity gossip

Google Discover traffic gives the lion’s share of attention to spicy celebrity gossip material. Sometimes its visibility declines because several such headlines and content are already seen on Google News, Google Images, etc. But still, such gossips never truly go out of fashion.

10. Listicles

It is quite controversial among the SEO community to use listicles and their feasibility as an SEO strategy is indeed questioned. Lots of ads and pop-up notifications more often accompany such content. But it still seems that the listicle content performs well in Google Discover and its dynamic content research. Listicles may be mentioned in bullet points, such as:

    ’15 reasons why, ' 14 fruits that keep you young’, '10 things that will change your life, '8 yummiest breakfast ideas' etc.

While working toward optimizing your content for Google Discover, you must focus on some technical factors as well. You must improve page speed plus make sure that your application is fully optimized and free from all sorts of viruses or malware software.

Moreover, specified structured data is of prime importance and holds great value when it comes to SEO optimization. An example of it is Schema Markup that can also assist with adding more detailed reviews, SEO videos, and other SEO content, etc.

It is advisable not to have more than 1 redirect page. The website’s speed must also be optimized by compressing images and leveraging browser caching.

A key takeaway from this blog is that optimizing for Google discover should definitely be a part of your overall SEO strategy. You should always be on top of algorithmic developments because ranking strategies for Google discover can be entirely different from ranking strategies for Google search.

It is not entirely wrong to say that your content strategy for Google Discover should resemble the strategies for other social platforms and not typical SEO strategies based on keyword research and EAT protocol. Lastly, you should always be dynamic in your approach. The reason is that some older tactics that might not work for search anymore might as well work for Google discover.

This is it for today’s blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it and that you’ve learned a thing or two about ranking on Google discover. It is indeed an amazing platform that should be used to gain additional traffic so you should direct your efforts towards optimizing content for this platform.

If you have any questions or comments, reach out to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you run a business and can’t figure out how to rank your website so that your clients find you whenever they need you, reach out to Prism Digital, the best SEO agency in Dubai and we will help you rank on search engines with SEO strategies tailored for your business.

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